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coach and consultant, Palladino Power Project

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Running Functional Threshold Power - A Primer

Understanding and Applying CP Testing for Runners 

Estimating FTP/CP from Race Power Data

A Compendium of CP and FTP Resources

A Compendium of Race Power Planning Resources

Palladino Power Project - Running Power Zones

Understanding ‘Running Effectiveness’ and its Uses

Quantification and Practical Applications of Management of Runners' Training Loads

Basic Race-Power Planning Using Power Data

Understanding Powermeter Metrics.  Part 1: Basic Stryd Metrics.

Understanding Stryd Weight Setting: How It Impacts Your Metrics

The Pitfalls of Power/Pace Conversion

Ten Differences Between Running and Cycling Through the Lens of Power

The Differences Between Running and Cycling Power - TrainingPeaks version

Notes on Transitioning to Stryd 'wind'

A Conceptualized Understanding of Running Power Components

Interpreting the Powercenter Heat Map

“Testing” and the WKO4 Power-Duration Curve Model for Runners

A ripple effect conceptualization of the power-duration curve

Using Power Data for Assessing Relative Endurance and Stamina in Runners: Fatigue Resistance Metrics

“It’s an aerobic sport, dammit!”

Stryd Power and VO2

Triathlon Run Performance as a Percentage of FTP/CP

Running Effectiveness v Speed

Leg Spring Stiffness - Response to Plyometrics in Distance Runners?

Leg Spring Stiffness and Hills

Leg Spring Stiffness and Running Surface

Leg Spring Stiffness and Static Stretching in Distance Runners

Training leading to United States’ Womens’ 10 mile Championship

Assessing Progress in Cross Country - The Value of Power

Analysis of “struggling” in a run workout

2017 High School XC Opener: Analysis Using a Stryd Powermeter and WKO4 Software

Using Stryd Power and WKO4 Running Metrics to Analyze  a 3200m Performance in Bad Conditions

A Season of 1600m Races

Analysis of a 1600m time trial

5000m Race Analysis - 3/31/2017

5000m Track Race Assessment

10,000m Track PR !

5K Race Report - 38yo male triathlete

Andrew Palese - from 20:26 to 18:33 5K in 3 months

Using Stryd Running Power Meter to Assess Warm-up

Mileage Progression - Year to Year

The over distance run (OD or LR)

Warm-up Principles

The error of recommending the “post-season break”

Trainingpeaks article: Running Effectiveness versus Speed Using WKO4

Trainingpeaks article: Using WKO4 to Analyze the Struggle in a Run Workout

Trainingpeaks article: The Differences Between Running and Cycling Power

Written Stryd Interview: Using POWER to Personalize Training with Coach Steve Palladino

Workout write-ups

Translating High Performance West's WOTD - #1

Translating High Performance West’s WOTD - #2

Stryd Workout of the Week

An Analysis of a Sprint Interval Training Protocol

Other Media

Podcast - Steve Palladino and Running with Power - Endurance Innovation Podcast

Podcast - Running with Power Revisited - Advanced Analysis - That Triathlon Show Podcast

Podcast - Power 101 - The Negative Splits Podcast

Podcast - Final Surge Podcast Episode 77: Steve Palladino

Webinar - Coaching ‘Running with Power’ Using WKO4

Webinar - Race Power Estimation and Planning

Webinar - Testing Protocols for Runners

PDF of Slides - Testing Protocols for Runners

YouTube presentation: Advanced Calculator for Race Power Estimation

YouTube presentation: Using the Bateman 'Race Power Scenario Planner' tool

YouTube presentation: Using Stryd's Altitude, Heat, Humidity conversion tool for running power

YouTube Presentation: Using the Master Altitude, Heat, Humidity Conversion Workbook

Youtube Presentation: Using the f1r2a Race Power Planning Tool to work out the hypothetical, “Is it possible for me to run x:yy:zz?”

YouTube Playlist collection: SuperPower Calculator tutorial and demonstrations.