“Spirit of Festival”

METG's Video Contest 

About The Program 

The mission of the METG is to support and promote theatrical arts and education. While primarily focused on the stage, film and video are increasingly important and valid aspects of how these arts are presented. Prior to the creation of the contest many schools were even already producing videos as part of their festival days. We have created the Spirit of Festival Video Contest to showcase these student-developed original videos while also celebrating the theme that Festival is a celebration of Theatre and each school's hard work.


Submitting the Video


In order for a video submission to be eligible, the video team must submit the following items:

  1. Submit the online METG HS Contest Entry Form (https://metg.org/resources/online-application-form.html) any time between now and the video contest submission deadline letting us know you will be submitting a video.

  1. Once you receive the confirmation email of your registration, print and send a copy with your registration fee to:

Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild

P.O. Box 2538

Mashpee, MA 02649

  1. The registration fee is $15 per video for METG member schools and $20 for non-member schools. The registration fee is Non-Refundable.

  1. Entry is not complete and videos are ineligible for consideration until the registration fee is received.

  1. When your video is complete, upload it to *TBD CLOUD DRIVE LINK*

  1. When upload is complete SEND AN EMAIL TO METG@METG.ORG so we can verify it was successfully uploaded. METG is not responsible for lost, incomplete, corrupt, etc. file uploads.

  1. In the event you have trouble uploading the video, you may, as a backup, post the video to your own cloud server (DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, etc.) and send us a link.


The purpose of the video is to highlight the "Spirit of Festival." How can your team showcase what makes the METG festival amazing in your own creative way?  Some questions / facts that might help:

  1. The Festival is made up of over 120 member schools from all over the state.
  2. This Festival is 88 years old.
  3. What are some of your favorite experiences from festival?
  4. What are some events that you associate only with festival?
  5. What would your school year be like without festival.
  6. Please do NOT use the word "competition" in the video.  It is a festival.

Video Requirements


Video Format

Review Process

All videos will be submitted to the METG, Inc. office. The videos will be reviewed and distributed to the Video Review Panel.


A video team can be comprised of as many students from the school as the group decides. However, it should be noted that the winning team will only be allowed to send a maximum of four (4) team members and the coach to the 2019 METG Finals. (Additional tickets may be purchased subject to availability.)

Other Conditions

Participant assumes all responsibility for injuries, damages, and cost. The Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild (METG, Inc.) is not liable for any injuries or damages caused by or to the participants during filming, for broken equipment, or materials and services purchased to produce the submission.

The Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild (METG,inc.) reserves the right in perpetuity to use submissions in any way deemed appropriate by its managing bodies including use in advertising and fundraising without any payment or other form of remuneration to the submitting party. Ownership of submissions beyond this remains with the submitting party.

The Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild (METG, Inc.) is not responsible for copyright errors made in the videos. 


For questions or additional information on the 2019 METG Video Contest please contact Michael McGarty at michaelmcgarty@metg.org.