Work done

  • writing an article on the value of military support during pandemics
  • Writing my research agenda for applying to funds, research positions, and research programmes
  • Read The Alignment Problem, Rationalist Explanations for War, and 20+ articles on AI Governance and Biodefence policy
  • Released EA France’s monthly newsletter
  • Quality checked and added opportunities to Effective Thesis’s Opportunities Board
  • Applied to EAGs, Gov AI’s summer fellowship, and Jonas Sandbrink’s RA job offer
  • Received coaching on how to maximise my productivity

  • 10+ interviews with fellow researchers

  • Organising a workshop on existential risks for the French-speaking community
  • Networking (acceptance into EAGx Oxford, EAG London, Washington and San Francisco)
  • Read the Alignment Problem
  • Attended conferences by SERI, CNAS, CSET
  • Started organising an X-risk retreat for French speakers in summer

  • Submitted my application to CHERI and CERI
  • Began my participation in Training For Good’s fellowship for Policy-Making Careers
  • Read The Doomsday Machine

  • Networked at EAG London
  • Started working on an article looking at the impact of military support against Covid
  • CERI transfered my application to SERI

  • Booked the venues for my X-risk retreat
  • Prepared my research schedule for the duration of my grant
  • Reached out to other researchers interested in translating EA materials
  • Networked at EAGx Prague and Online for biodefence, policy and various projects
  • Submitted my PhD application to Sciences Po Paris
  • Passed the first recruitment phase for a position at EA for Jews
  • Finished the first draft of my biodefence policy article

  • 4day trip to Oxford, UK; meeting colleagues and potential collaborators
  • Gathered the initial literature for my research at CHERI’s summer fellowship; now beginning reviewing
  • Met my CHERI Mentor (David Manheim)
  • Departure from CEEALAR