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Setting up and assisting for nasal intubation
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Setting up and assisting for Nasal intubation

  1. These are usually oro-facial surgeries (Typically OR5) such as mandibular and maxillary osteotomies
  2.  Inquire from anesthesia provider which ET tube sizes they will need prior to the case. May need Nasal RAE tubes.
  3. Make sure the anesthesia machine is stocked with a working handle, blades, Magill’s forceps, Surgilube, lidocaine jelly,  and nasal trumpets.
  4. Bring a bottle of warm sterile water or saline to the OR to soften up the ET tube prior to the start of the case.
  5. If “Afrin” spray is not already in the room, bring one from pharmacy to the OR.
  6. When the patient is brought into the OR, be available at the bedside to assist the anesthesia provider as needed.  This may include the placement of monitors, pre-oxygenation, or assisting with equipment as needed during intubation.
  7. Remove excess supplies and equipment after induction and successful intubation.