Gods and Heroes

This project serves as an introduction to ancient Greek and Roman mythology, as well as an introduction to researching in the library. Students will spend one day in the library receiving directions and researching information about their assigned god/goddess/hero(ine) on October 4th.  Additional research must be done outside of class time.  Students will take notes using the Working Bibliography sheets from the library relying on Library-approved sources only.  After research students will create a Latin storyboard. Information you will need to find: 

● Roman and Greek names of the god/goddess/hero(ine) 

● Family information (parents, spouses, children, brothers and sisters) 

● Relationships with other god/goddesses or mythological figures 

● Symbols/attributes/powers/artwork associated with each god/goddess/hero 

● Physical characteristics of the god/goddess/hero 

● Sphere(s) of influence – what is the deity/hero(ine) responsible for? Where did they live? 

● Words, planets, phrases, geographical locations, etc. that are named after the god/goddesses/hero(ine) 

● Stories associated with the god/goddess/hero(ine) 

Notes:  notes (Three pages front and back) will be handwritten in bulleted form and will not have any full sentences or paragraphs.  All information in your notes must be organized under specific subtopic headings that indicate specifically what information is noted, e.g. “Relationships,” “Physical Characteristics,” or “Mythological Stories.” You must use at least three sources referenced on this document.  Paper notes are due November 18th, with a progress check October 28th.  



There is a cart of books on Mythology on reserve for your class in the WHHS Library. You may check these books out overnight: after 2:30 and then due the following school day morning by 7:30. Remember that although the web may have pictures and basic information on your god or  goddess, books will have the stories that you need to complete your project. Some particularly good ones are:

E-books You may also use an e-book to supplement the print books in our collection. To access these, go to the WHHS Library. Search by title for the e-book with information on your topics. The two title most useful for this project are Ancient Greece and Rome: Myths and Beliefs and Gods and Goddesses of Greece and Rome.  Click on "Open" next to the title of the book. If asked, enter the user name: walnut and password: hills. Use the table of contents or index to navigate through the book; you can put in the page number you want to go to at the bottom of the page. Make sure you get the bibliographic information from the Library Catalog!

Web Sources:

UserName: walnut Password: hills

Latin Storyboard: Students will use the content of their research to create ten Latin sentences with ten quality illustrations that represent the Relationships, Attributes, and Mythology of their god, goddess, or hero.  Well-written Latin using a wide vocabulary and varied sentence structure will receive top scores Googled translations will receive very low scores.  Storyboards are due November 25th with a progress check November 12th.


        Full  citation of each source                                                                1 pt.

        Legible, coherent, and bulleted                                                         1 pt.

        Notes organized under specific subtopics                                                1 pt.

        At least 3 pages of paraphrased notes                                                2 pts.


        Illustration of each original Latin sentence                                        1 pt.

        Aesthetically pleasing and legible original illustrations and Latin text                1 pt.

        Varied sentence structure and wide use of vocabulary in original Latin text        1 pt.

        Accurate use of case endings and personal endings in original Latin text        2 pts.