Shortened MLT PD Checklist


Preparation Prior to PD

  • Provide an agenda with learning objectives listed.
  • Prepare content/materials beforehand and test all links.


  • Provide research, vocabulary, and contexts of delivery.
  • Content builds on or relates to participants’ previous PD.
  • Emphasizes impact of content on student learning outcomes


  • Stick to the agenda and time.
  • Think about opportunities for participants to share out and/or practice.    


  • Provide pre/post tests, exit tickets, or online surveys of the content.


  • Follow up with participants on ‘practicing’ the content.

When the PD is over...

  • Copy Zoom chat box to a doc title (__) and drop in Google Drive folder (link)

When the PD begins...

  • Prompt attendees to sign-in by typing their names in the chat box.
  • Click RECORD at the bottom of your screen.
  • Disclaimer- If the Internet slows or freezes, your video may be turned off momentarily. If you have technology issues, please take a moment?? PM?