Word Count: 2406



As the fleet of Luftwaffe soared over London with the familiar scream that I dreaded, It dropped a large wave of bombs.

 Tom yelled, ‘Run!’.

 I jumped onto a pile of leaves, barely dodging the building crashing into smithereens beside me. I heard Tom scream in agony, I quickly leapt off of the ground and ran towards the screams, I saw his body laying on the ashy grey ground, I looked for injury and saw half of his body was trapped under a large piece of debris. My heart stopped for a moment, I thought he would die.

I cried “Tom!”

 as he coughed up blood. I kicked at the brick wall that had fallen on him, It wouldn’t budge. I saw a rusty smashed Chevrolet I wheeled it over to the brick wall, and wedged it underneath. It lifted a little with just enough space to get Tom free. I quickly grabbed his arm to help him up, his leg was bleeding and broken. “I'm scared Eric, I don’t want to die.” Tom cried in agony,

“You’re not going to die Tom don’t say that!” I screamed.

“You will have to leave me..” He howled as he coughed up blood.

After a few moments he dropped his head, he was dead.

A second wave was approaching, I fell to the ground completely giving up there was nothing I could do, how could the Nazi’s be so heartless and cruel, killing a 13 year old boy. There it was the scream again I ducked for cover dragging Tom’s lifeless corpse. To an old ice cream building, as i cried over his body. On that glum afternoon I swore I would get revenge on the Nazi’s.

“Name and age!” barked the recruiting officer

“Eric Thompson, and 16” I muttered.

“You can’t join the English Army, if you’re not 18!” he yelled

He put his hand to his mouth and whispered “But I’ll let it slide, here is your train ticket, you will be in the 103rd Infantry Division.

“Okay” I mumbled.

I stepped out of line and walked towards the door, the other people lining up were eyeballing me in disgust.

I pushed the door, and realised it was a pull door, I heard a rumble of laughter.

As I looked down in embarrassment, I walked out and started walking to the old ice cream shop where Tom had died, I was turning and tossing all night I woke up at least fifteen times sweating like a dog, I was so scared.

2 weeks had past, I was on my way to the train station as I saw other conscripts marching towards the train it looked like they had no fear at all. I felt like I was going to spontaneously combust. I would never be able to avenge Tom, I’d never even held a gun before, I was doomed.

“All aboard!” the conductor howled, I skipped along trying to be courageous I hopped on the train as the bells chimed, the last few draftees leapt on as the train started increasing in speed, soon I’d be in the action.

4 days had past, we had been pinned into an overrun trench, the germans were surrounding us, we were surely dead. But today was not the day I was going to die, I quickly grabbed a mounted machine gun, and sprayed it towards the germans, as I howled “Bloody jerry's!” I had ripped through about ten of them until I was shot in the leg, I dropped the gun, and fell to the ground but I wasn’t done I grabbed one of the MP40s on the ground and ripped through them, until I was hit again in the thigh, a sniper. I quickly ducked down, and the medics patched me up but a young german soldier probably about fifteen leant down and aimed his gun at me, he was way too scared to shoot, I heard other jerry's shout in german I didn’t know what they had said but I think they were telling him to shoot. I quickly unlatched the MP40 and pulled the trigger as his lifeless body dropped onto mine. I let out a tear but it was not the time for emotion I quickly pushed off his body onto the cold dirt. I spotted the sniper in a church tower about fifteen metres away, I jumped to the floor because he had a clear shot on me, at that moment he pulled the trigger I just dodged it and I heard him shout swears in german. I leapt up and blew holes in the tower until his corpse dropped down and died. I knew there were about nine or ten more, and only one tommy willing to fight, the others were medics and another kid who was scared beyond repair, it was just me.

I had a plan, I got one of the medics to leap up and then he shot down I heard an MP40, Thompson and an M3, I started to walk across the trench until I got to the stairs were there was a half destroyed building as my cover

I ran around it and flanked them I was behind them and they were metres from the trench, I took out my MP40 and hoped that getting the jump on them would be enough. I held down the trigger and blew through them with the MP40 until the clip dropped to the floor there were still 3 more germans they all realised it and sprayed at the building, the very foundation shook I saw a Gewehr 88 on the floor I picked it up and unloaded the clip, “Yes!” I exclaimed, there were seven rounds.

I ran back around the building dropped into the trench and flanked them again, I shot four bullets off two missing them and one hitting one of them in the head the other hitting him in the stomach, four bullets one kill, dammit I shot up one of them and was out of ammo for the other I ran towards him with a Hitler youth knife I found on the dirt, I stabbed him twice in the gut as his blood dripped all over my uniform. He pulled the trigger but I aimed the gun up so he couldn’t shoot me I then pushed him to the ground and pinned his arms and launched the knife into his neck, as he bled out, he was dead. I fell to the floor completely drained with exhaustion.

A few of the medics stood up as the sun shone on the ruin of buildings,

“H-hh-ow did you do that?” said one of the medics.

I replied with a timid attitude  “I-I don’t know..”.

Until, a bullet zoomed by my neck and hit the medic blasting a hole in his head.

His body slowly fell down on the gravel, I looked over my shoulder and saw a whole division of jerry's, I knew I wouldn’t make it. At that moment my heart stopped I felt like I couldn't move as they shot bullet after bullet after bullet. I braced myself for the impact, but it didn't come they were shooting beside me. There was an entire fleet of English troops and a Cruiser Mk II who were spraying at the Nazis I quickly leapt over to the trench and ducked down as bullets thundered past my head. I grabbed an Anti-Tank grenade and threw it over towards the division of jerry’s, blowing half of them to bits. My luck ended as a Nazi cocked his rifle and sprayed me with it I managed to miss most of them until one of them hit me dead in the gut. I dropped to the floor with a thud, one of the English troops screamed “Cover me!”, as he leapt down in the trench and dragged me out of it.

“What were you thinking mate!”, He screamed.

One of the others shouted “Get this kid a medic!”.

A few men wearing a red cross on their helmets, leant down and injected a small amount of morphine around the wound. They took out a dissection scissor and put it in the wound, I howled in pain “Ahh-hh-hhh!!”.

A few moments later they had gotten the bullet out and bandaged me up.

I remember everything going black as I passed out.

I woke up in a stretcher on a hay bale, to a few soldiers and medics and a general standing over my makeshift bed.

“Good afternoon Eric Thompson” said the general.

I replied “Who are you?”.

“I’ve just come to tell you that you’re earning a medal of honor”.

“Why?” I asked.

“Why” he said sarcastically.

“Because you saved the lives of six soldiers, and killed an entire division of jerry’s, while sustaining three bullets, thats why!”.

I  was astounded by my accomplishment I didn’t even realise what I’d done till then.

“Oh, okay..” I replied in embarrassment.

“You’ll receive it at dawn tomorrow morning!” he announced.

“Sir, yes sir!” I shouted.

“Anyways, good afternoon and good bye!” he awkwardly replied.

As he left the room I sat up and realised the pain.

“Arghhhhh” I screamed.

“Hey, I’d lay down if I were you, you’re still recovering” urged one of the medics.

“How long have I been out?” I asked with curiosity.

“3 days, you're lucky to be alive” he replied.

3 months later I was out of the hospital, I was asked if I wanted to go back home but I insisted to stay, I still had to avenge Tom, I was leading a unit into Berlin to assassinate Members of The German High Command including Walter Warlimont, Hasso Von Wedel, Max Von Viebahn and Adolf Hitler. We came in through the East of France, in 1944 August 16th  on a Roden 1/35 British Armored Car. Our mission was to blow up a theater that the High Command was to be in on the 19th of August, we were carrying dynamite, trying to get to the theater 3 hours earlier and stick it under their seats and when they got their we would make them go kaboom, we were to make our escape by having a Mercedes Benz W31 and dressed in common German attire and driving up to the countryside and into Sylt Beach and on a boat the English had provided for us then go around and through Denmark back to London, this was to be our greatest mission.


 went the Roden as we shot up through the east of France, we had no fear of Germans in the area as France had nearly fallen back to the Allies, but it would be a different story when we reached Germany, we would have to pick up the Mercedez from a car park of a pub and change into our clothes. 3 days later, we had reached Berlin and were 3 hours early of when Hitler and the others would arrive, Me and Mike had gotten a part time job as a stagehand as our allaby, our boss was named Karl Hans and was a well trusted theater man so they wouldn't suspect there to be any trouble, As our boss called out in German “Ich gehe in den Laden” (I’m off to the store)

. That was our time to strike, we rushed to the theater and planted the dynamite under the seats they would be sitting in, just in time because Karl Hans was back in no time.

“Was ist denn hier los?” (What’s going on here?)

“Was meinst du damit, Sir?”, (What do you mean by that, Sir?)

Ich meine, warum bist du nicht im Filmraum?” (I mean why aren’t you in the Film room?)

“Oh, wir überprüfen, für welche Sitze es gut wäre Führer” ( Oh, we were checking which seats would be good for Heir Hitler).

Okay” he replied with a stern look.

3 hours later

Führer und Reichskanzler had arrived, with his associates to watch the film, as they went into the room we watched through the stage waiting for them to sit down, they did sit down, just in the wrong seats..

“Dammit!” cried mike, nearly loud enough for them to hear.

But I had an idea, I said to mike “Go outside and start the car, if im not out in 5 minutes drive to the getaway point, “But” he said.

“Agh!, no buts”. I said, “Go, now!”

As he snuck around and the film started, I got out my MP40 that I used to survive a few months ago, I commando rolled out and pulled the trigger killing many of the Nazi scum.

I then took out a Grenade and through it directly to Hitler, as it exploded I ran and ran to the door but one of the soldiers cocked his machine gun and screamed “Für das Reich!”

(For the Reich) and he pulled the trigger and i dropped, I couldn’t see or feel anything, I was just sitting there.

I blacked out and woke up in the ER, everything looked so weird, I thought I was dead.

I yelled “Where am I?” and one of the nurses dropped their clipboard, “You’re awake?”

“How long have i been here” I said

“About 5 years” she cried

I went numb, “5 years?” I said

Yes you were found in a theater in Berlin after it was invaded by English and American troops, “Well what year is it?” I said

“1949 August 4th” she replied

“Wheres Mike?” I yelled, “Mike?, whos Mike?” she replied

“Mike Rondo he was part of my unit, I told him to go to Denmark and back to London”.

I said, “ Wait what country do you think your in?”

“England?” I replied, “No” she said “You’re in France”

3 days later

I was back in London and had figured out where Mike was and was on my way to his apartment. I knocked on his door, it opened and a little girl was there “Who are you?” she said, I was a friend of your fathers, “Oh” she said, and then turned around and screamed “Daddy!” he came down and stopped on the last step as he saw me, “Eric?” he said. “It’s me buddy” I replied and he ran towards me and we hugged. We laughed and drank all night long talking about how I survived and what he had been doing ever since.