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McKee - Staten Island Tech

Public Schools Athletic League Program

Spring Season information 

Now is the time for you to think about Spring sport and what you’re going to do every day at 3pm.  Do you go home every day or are you taking advantage of the activities high school has to offer?

The MSIT athletic program gives you an opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive sports teams while getting in shape, creating lifetime friendships as well as building your resume for college.

As they say, “time waits for no one”. It is up to you to find out when and where the sport “I am interested in” begins.   Using the contact list below.  Find the spring sport you are interested in. Email the coach and ask when and where the team will be meeting.  Let the coach know you are interested.

What do I need to participate?  You’ll need a current PSAL medical that clears you for physical activity as well as a parental consent and covid testing authorization.  Utilize the link to retrieve all of your required forms for participation.

Parental Consent - Click here 

Medical clearance by health care provider - Click here

Consent to Covid Testing - Click here

If you have questions, ASK- email Mr. McCarthy athletic director at @ Tech. or see Ms. Falkenhainer in room 321 @ McKee.


Coach - Contact


Badminton Girls


Tryout required

Baseball Boys


Tryout required

Fencing Girls


Golf Coed


Handball Boys


Tryout required

Handball Girls

Paulucci -

Tryout required

Softball Girls


Stunt Coed


Tennis Boys


Tryout required

Track Boys


Track Girls

Mulligan -

Volleyball Boys


***High Risk tryout required

**   Tryouts are completed by the coach and based upon academics, athletic ability in specific sport, commitment and attitude.

***High risk. vaccine mandated to participate