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The #PowerTrioContest has ended!

Unfortunately, I lost to ImperialHound’s Skarmory at the very last moment…

[b]Final Levels:[/b]

● [url=]KingCobalion[/url]’s [url=]SM Ampharos[/url] - Level 373

● [url=]ImperialHound[/url]’s [url=]SM Skarmory[/url] - Level 376

● [url=]Kazyaquin[/url]’s [url=]SM Manectric[/url] - Level 321

That means I’ll have to do a giveaway. But hey, I’m not against that, I love giveaways! So I’ll be giving away the [url=]Mega Lord Salamence[/url] that is currently in my party! All you have to do is interact with my Amphy to enter; no need to like or share the feed, but it would be greatly appreciated if you did! Winner decided an hour before reset.