Arduino Project

last modified 04/10/18

The Arduino Project is a special effort to develop familiarity and competence with the Arduino microprocessor. It is use for appliance type applications and can be used as a process controller for a variety of home hobbyist projects. Bookmark this page, If you want to find it because it won't show up in a web search.

Powerpoint slides

Arduino 101 (class outline)

Arduino intro slides (Ken Taschner)

Class 1 - slides (11/03/15) & (11/07/17)

Class 2 - slides (11/17/15) & (11/14/17)

Class 3 - slides (12/01/15)

Picture of class challenge - whiteboard (to help you remember)

Class 4 - slides (12/15/15)


Arduino project 1 schematic diagram

Project 2 - interface board

Board diagram & Fritzing diagram - interface board (zip file, download)

Arduino 101 Project Picture


Document Hookup File

Sketch  (zip file, download)


Document Hookup File

Sketch  (zip file, download)

This library is for the new board we are building. For Windows users it should be put in the folder C:\arduino\libraries. Linux/Mac users - check with Doug.


Document Hookup File

Sketch  (zip file, download)

Project 3 - Parallel Display

Document Hookup File

ParallelDisplay (zip file, download) (zip file, download)

37  Sensors

Description (one member recommends Robotlinking as a preferred source)

Documentation is available from:

37 Sensors sketches (zip file, download)

Project 4 - I2C Display (zip file, download) (zip file, download)

I2C Display Hookup

Interrupt Test (.ino sketch) Note from Darrell Frappier: We discovered that while interrupts are detached, the Arduino saves interrupts and presents them when interrupts are attached.  To clear stored interrupts I use: EIFR |= 0x01;  before the attach.

Project 5 - The LM35 is a common TO-92 temperature sensor

LM35 Precision Centigrade Temperature Sensors (technical specifications)

Link to example using the LM35 on Arduino



LM35 Sketch

Project 6 - Train Project -  A simulation of a railroad crossing.

                 Project Description and Logic

                 Circuit Drawing

                 Arduino Sketches (download and unzip into your Arduino folder)

Project 7 - Thermistor

Thermistor Introduction

Thermistor - Part 2

Thermistor - Part 3

Thermistor Sketch

Project 8 - DHT11 Temperature Sensor

DHT11 Temperature Sensor Introduction (Install from IDE: Sketch > Include Library > Add .ZIP Library)

What Else Can I do with the Arduino IDE?

uBITX HF Transceiver programmed by IDE

Arduino ESP8266 Intro

Arduino ESP8266 Programming

Arduino ESP32 Intro        

Sonoff WiFi Controller


Jameco recommended parts

Ken’s Recommended Powered USB


Arduino Kit Parts - data sheets

New Parts - data sheets

Kit Spec Sheets


Sketches current as of 2/16/2016 (download the Arduino software [compressed in zip file] for your system)

Arduino Software Installation - help for installing the Arduino software on your computer

Cheat Sheets (zip file, download)

If you prefer to view these cheat sheets online select them below

Arduino_Cheat_Sheet-1 (pdf)

Arduino_Cheat_Sheet-11-12-13 (pdf)

Arduinocheatsheet (jpg)

ArduinoCheatSheet (pdf)

Arduino-cheat-sheet-v02c (png)

Arduino-cheat-sheet-v02c (pdf)

LED Resistor Calculator (spreadsheet)


Ken’s books for the Arduino and PCB layout that might be of interest. All books are available from Amazon or other places.

  1. Designing Circuit Boards with Eagle Matthew Scarppino…. Eagle is Freeware PCB layout software and is used by all those that are making Arduino products. Like the Sketches the hardware schematics and PCBs are available for download from the net.
  2. Make Your OWN PCBs With EAGLE Simon Monk…. As above.
  3. Arduino for Ham Radio Glen Popiel KW5GP….  Lots of projects including CW decoders and encoders
  4. Programming Arduino Getting Started with Sketches Simon Monk…. Beginners book
  5. Programming Arduino Next Steps: Going Further with Sketches Simon Monk… Builds on above book
  6. Exploring Arduino Jeremy Blum… Good book but some of his examples violate hardware rules and some of his software does not follow good programming practices, nonetheless I recommend it.
  7. An Arduino Workshop Joe Pardue… Good beginners book.
  8. Beginning C for Arduino Second Edition Jack Purdum, Ph.D. – Highly recommended for those that are serious about learning programming the Arduino.
  9. Arduino for Dummies John Nussey… Beginners book
  10. Sams Teach Yorself Arduino Programming in 24 Hours… another good programming book. If you only buy one then buy the one above.
  11. Arduino A Technical Reference J.M. Hughes…. For the serious Arduino folks, highly recommended.

Websites of interest

Dave Brown’s Arduino Web Page FREE Circuit Simulator for the Arduino (online code editor for Arduino - Chrome plugin)

Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio

Arduino kit used in the project from Makershed (electronic parts - good prices and reviews)

Email Distribution List

If you are not currently on the email distribution list for the KPARC special projects, feel free to send your request to Please include your full name and callsign (if you have one).  You should be added to the list within a day.