Choir Parents Association Meeting

April 8, 2019

Call to Order: 7:05 pm


Chris Schwarz

Nancy Llanos

Amy Rice

Erica Baez

Kim Silva

Tyffini Furlong

Rebecca Nice Parrone

Jamie Parks

Maleah Moon

                Balance on hand (1/14/19:)  $26,558.72


Total: $8432.09 (Balance before Expenses)

A deposit from WSS and other money received has not been made yet because it all needs to be double counted and verified.

        Other Accounts:

                Tucker Jones: -$1,300.00

                Choir Student Accounts (negative balances): -$704.10

                Non Choir Students Accounts (negative balances): -$244.63 (hold on graduation)

        Total Other Accounts: -$2,248.73

        Total: $10, 680.82

        WSS:                                 April 5, 2019                April 6, 2019                Total

                Concessions:                $704.00                $665.00                $1,369.00

Shout Outs                $232.00                $337.00                $569.00

Raffle                        $293.00                $282.00                $575.00

T-Shirts                $44.00                        $180.00                $224.00

Donations                $0                        $0                        $0

Ticket Sales (door)        $1,750.00                $2,515.00                $4,265.00

Pre-sale Ticket Sales: $7,554.00 (does not include Brown Paper Ticket Sales)


        Most of the meeting was focused on the charter schools in Franklin and their impact on the school budget: there is a 136% growth since 2015 from 7 million to 17 million.

        President’s Council is going to try and set-up links on the district website for groups such as the CPA

        Guest Speakers were Dan Mayer and Assistant Superintendent Dan Loughran discussing the elementary schools trimester report cards.        

                No representative in attendance

                Kim needs receipts for recent chocolate purchases, Rebecca will contact Stella/Annie to get the receipts.

                Rebecca spoke with Maleah about the new procedures for candy sales.  Maleah and Ricky will be the student representatives in charge of distributing candy to choir students.  Rebecca also mentioned to Maleah that next year they may need to have a Treasurer for the Choir Student Council.

                Only students taking Concert Choir during the school year are allowed to sell candy.  They cannot be previous members of choir who are not in choir during the school year.

Publicity: Process went well.  Chris wishes that the Franklin Reporter would run a story sooner than the weekend of opening.  They like to come out so they can get photos of the “magic,” costumes, sets, etc.  Maybe we can ask them to run more than one story.  Also, 1 inside cover ad needs to be reserved for the Franklin Reporter (apparently both inside cover spots were sold for Into the Woods before the Franklin Reporter could get a spot and it caused some hard feelings.

Concessions: A chairperson needs to be found (or co-chairs) for next year.  Jamie will send out reminds and emails for Sign-up Genius for this weekend to CPA and West Side Story groups.  Tyffini will also be sending out emails.

Apparel: Only 2 items have not been sold

Playbill: Tyffini will contact KC to find out the expenses for this and get receipts to Kim and find out who printed the program

The Prom 4/16/2019 Tuesday evening 7pm mid-mezz $59 per ticket

Waitress 5/9/2019 with Idina Menzel 7pm $60 per ticket (only 45 tickets)

Dear Evan Hansen 6/5/2019 Rear Mezz $70 per ticket (only 34 tickets)

Mr. Walton will hand out tickets to the students in class and tell them which train he will be taking.

        A Freshman parent representative must be part of the scholarship committee per the by-laws.  Tyffini will contact parents of the Freshman choir students to see who would be willing to be on the committee.  So far the committee is Rebecca Nice Parrone, Erica Baez, and Tyffini Furlong

        The Applications and the rubric document will be ready no later than Wednesday of this week.  Erica will make 10 paper copies for Mr. Walton.  Jamie will post on the website and will send via email.  Applications are due back Monday, April 29th.

        Rebecca will get the Award Presentation letter from Janet and will handle the presentation on June 19th as well.

        VP: check by-laws to see if this position is required otherwise maybe Rebecca and Tyffini could just be co-presidents.  Kim is not sure if Jillian is taking choir next year so we may need to find someone to nominate.  Maybe this is a two person position Co-Treasurers.  If no, then Chocolate reconciliation should go to someone else because these two jobs are too much for one person.  Should this position be more secure? 2 signature on checks (would need special checks for this which costs money,) fingerprinting, etc.  More than $20,000 goes through this position in a school year.

Do not have the books from last year, Rebecca will get these from Suzanne Wade.

Nominations for the Executive Board will happen at the May meeting and Elections for the Executive Board will happen at the June meeting.

Jamie needs to let CPA members know that if they are interested in becoming a CPA Executive Board member they must be in attendance at the May & June meetings.

Rebecca wil contact Ms. Rad about distributing the CPA welcome packet to 8th grade choir students so that parents are aware of such a group if their child elects to take concert choir in HS.

Meeting adjourned at 8:08 PM