2018 Registered Shoots

Saturday & Sunday, April 28 & 29

Saturday & Sunday, May 19 & 20

Saturday, June 23

Saturday, July 7

Club Opens At 9:00 AM

All events will be 100 targets and will offer Singles, Handicap and Doubles each day


Class AA……97 and up

Class A…..94 under 97

Class B…..91 under 94

Class C…..88 under 91

Class D………under 88

$10.00 Lewis option for each event (Singles, Handicap and Doubles)

$5.00 option for middle 50 Handicap ($200.00 minimum start, 50% payout)

$25.00 for Targets and Trophies (Singles and Handicap)

$22.00 for Doubles (Targets Only)

$25.00 to be paid to champion of each of five classes in Singles (AA, A, B, C, D)

$25.00 to be paid to champion of three yardage groups in Handicap (18-21, 22-24, 25-27)

$50.00 paid to High Over All (Singles, Handicap and Doubles)

Daily ATA and WTA fees will be charged on the participants first event

Club accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen articles or for accidents.

The club reserves the right to change this program due to circumstances beyond its control.

Troy Bartz - - (608)279-9362