Congress, Act on Climate! Day 2019

On a single day in March, 2019, youth-adult teams representing school districts and student councils from across the country will hand-deliver scores (?hundreds/thousands?) of climate action resolutions to every Member of Congress. These resolutions will send a clear, unified, and non-partisan message that the educational sector believes Congress has a moral imperative to act swiftly and effectively on climate change to limit harm to students and future generations. School districts, educational leaders, and school communities will no longer be silent witnesses to continued Congressional climate neglect.

Note: All information is currently tentative. We hope to finalize dates by December of 2018. We will finalize numbers in January of 2019.


When: Thursday, March 28th, 2019

(prep day on Wednesday, March 27th and follow-up meetings on Friday, March 29th)

What: Youth-adult teams, acting as official delegations from school boards and student councils, will travel to Congress to hand-deliver copies of climate action resolutions passed in their school districts. These resolutions call on Congress to act on climate in order to protect current and future students. We plan to hand deliver scores of resolutions from across the country to every Congressional office (435 Representatives and 100 Senators) on a single day.

Who: We expect between 10 to 20 youth-adult teams (2 youth, 1 adult). We encourage school boards and student councils to officially endorse these teams as delegations so that the communication is officially between local elected leaders and federal elected leaders.

Next Steps: If you are interested in participating or supporting a youth-adult team from your school district, please email Schools for Climate Action lead volunteer Park Guthrie at

Tentative Timeline Agenda:

October/November, 2018

Initial commitment/rough numbers

December, 2018

Firm commitment and first virtual planning meeting

Teams gather additional district resolutions (student councils, PTAs, educators’ unions) and start local fundraising.

January, 2019

2nd virtual planning meeting.

February, 2019

Pre-visit webinar: Delivery Day Logistics and Scripts

Wednesday, March 27th

Thursday, March 28th

Friday, March 29th

In-person prep meetings and some Member of Congress meetings. Climate Solutions Caucus?

Hand-deliver school board and student council climate action resolutions to offices of all 435 Representatives and 100 Senators

Teams meet with Members of Congress, the Climate Solutions Caucus, and/or School Support Organization Headquarters (Ex: National School Boards Association, American Federation of Teachers, etc.)