DATE: 29 January 2018


PRESENT:          Hugo van Niekerk (Chairman), Elias Kaweme, Hardus van Deventer, Jackie van Deventer, Asaph Jeka, Carol Lindeque, Frieda van Niekerk, Cornelia Mol, Johan de Beer, Nita de Beer, Nico von Stade and Charlotte von Stade

                            Meeting joined via Facebook: Lourens de Lange


AGENDA:           1.            INTRODUCTION

                            2.            STATISTICS

                            3.            PROCEDURES FOR GATHERING STATISTICS

                            4.            LEADERSHIP LEVELS

                            5.            KINGDOM GLOBAL VERTICALS

                            6.            WEB SITE AND OTHER MATTERS



1.             INTRODUCTION


The meeting is opened in prayer by Hugo.


Hugo says that we will soon buy property from where Kingdom Global will operate because it does not make sense to keep on renting, except in a case such as Johan and Nita has, where they rent a venue for R250 a month.


Hugo says we must get in the habit of looking at some statistics; the ability to measure is important. We do not measure in order to compare, to say this is good or this is bad, but just in order to understand what is happening; to have the full picture.

We want to know how many Kingdom Communities have been defined, activated, are covered in prayer, have core groups established – these are the first 4 of 7 phases of our strategy. As time progress, we will be able to measure individual areas as well.


2.             STATISTICS


Those responsible for submitting statistics must remember to submit it each Friday by lunch time (13:00).


The total Kingdom Communities for which groups have been opened on Facebook, is now

2 500 for the whole of South Africa.

In Mpumalanga there are 28 groups.

In Gauteng there are 228 activated Facebook groups.

Hugo says that over time, we want to track how many people actually come in. We also want statistics on Kingdom Global Integrate.

Asaph has defined 49 communities in Soweto. They are not opened yet, just defined.


Cornelia says because she could not log into Facebook she could only work on the Accept and Welcome spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet is updated in real time so Cornelia can see when changes are made.

Hugo says when we start with radio programmes; we could have many more people come in. When we have a crusade, there will be many people coming in at once and if our systems are in place, we will be able to work with all of them and not lose any of them.


Whatsapp groups:  There are 423 active Whatsapp groups


India has 500 000 villages. We should keep on moving forward. At the next meeting we will have the statistics for the different countries, says Elias.[1]


Hugo says we need to get a sim card and that use that to store all the Whatsapp groups on. This card must then be stored in a safe place in case one of the key people loses their phone. This will ensure that no group information will be lost.[2]


Hugo says Cornelia can make another person admin of the groups as well. Hardus says there are currently 4 admins: Hugo, Asaph, Elias and himself.


Elias says we need to run Whatsapp from a computer, if we have more than a 1000 groups, no phone will be able to handle it.


Hugo says the plan is with the Kingdom Global app, that we will store the information on different servers so if we lose information on one server, it will still be accessible on another. We want to get every person on a Whatsapp group and Facebook group on the database for the app so that every person could have access to the verticals.




Cornelia says she needs the information on all the activated groups. For this she can use the Accept and Welcome (A&W) list.  Cornelia's function is to send a standardized greeting to each person and initiate conversation with each individual. Unfortunately she was not able this week to access her Facebook account - she seems to be locked out of her Facebook account as is Hugo.


10:37 Asaph procedure between him and Hardus


Cornelia will catch up on contacting the people who are currently being added and then later catch up with people that were added previously.


Elias says that with regard to South Africa, the lists that he shared with her reflect the true figures. We need to figure out how we are going to get the input from other countries to Cornelia.

Cornelia says that is why we should work from the A&W list. In this list there are international tabs. We should not have too many lists going around.


Asaph suggests that we implement a team for each step – a team to identify Kingdom Communities, another for opening the Communities on Facebook, another for adding people, another to accept and welcome new people.  It will be easier that way to come up with the final figure.


Hardus says he only started last week to open communities for Cape Town on Google Sheets. Of the 2500 Kingdom Communities that were opened, we need to identify to what province each community belongs.


Elias says that if anyone wants to open a specific community, they must let us know that they are doing so.  When Cornelia receives the new communities opened for Cape Town for example, she updates the Master List. The  Master List it will help us to define Kingdom Communities.


Hardus is the person who should have the full picture, he needs to be informed of any updates.  Cornelia handles and processes the new people coming in to the Kingdom Communities.


Hardus says everyone must make sure they are connected to Google Sheets. He has updated the information on Cape Town now.


Elias says if someone starts working on Cape Town, for instance and comes across something for Limpopo, they should give the information on Limpopo to the person responsible for that area and not just let the information pass by,


Hardus says that Asaph helps him a lot to identify Kingdom Communities. When they open groups, they try to identify people whom they can teach to open Facebook groups. Asaph says that it is too much work for one person.

Hugo says we must remember that if someone has a responsibility, it does not mean that he must do everything; he must teach people to do the work.


Hugo says that Heidi at the George office spoke to him and said that taking responsibility of the whole of the Western Cape region is too much for them at this stage. Their horizontal will be the Eden district only. They know people and will approach other people in Cape Town who might take responsibility for that area.  Hugo says that in the beginning the George office will oversee the whole of the Western Cape, but the areas will later be divided into smaller units.


In terms of opening Facebook groups, they will send people to us and we will train them to open Facebook groups. We can therefore not yet delegate the responsibilities in the Western Cape. As far as possible, we want every community in South Africa to be defined by the middle of the year. It is a proclamation saying “let there be light”.


We have defined Kingdom Communities in the Free State. There is a contact person there, but he is still praying about what area he should take.


Nico will phone Amelia and Francois Theart in the George area to see if we could bring them in contact with the George office to give support.[3]


Lourens says Asaph must remember to apply the "golden rule" when opening Facebook groups to see if there does not already exist such a group, i.e. when we do the search, one must put in a customised address on Facebook.  If we suggest an address and Facebook does not accept it, it means that the group exists already.


4.             LEADERSHIP LEVELS


Hugo says that we must realise that there are different levels of leadership.  Some people have a global vision, others a local vision. Other people again, build the army.  Asaph for instance, can’t be contained in Midrand. We have to see what type of leadership each person has. Bigger is not always better. People might have an anointing to lead 200 or 2000 people. Being in the wrong place, can make people unhappy, loose motivation, etc. We need to have maturity of communication. So that people will feel free to communicate their individual vision within the overall vision of Kingdom Global.

Carol says if we force people into something that they are not called to be, we miss the blessing that person could bring to us.


Elias says that when we evaluate country coordinators and tell them to map out an entire area, we must help them understand what they need to do in order to prevent them from becoming demotivated. When we find a coordinator, we must find out what his vision is. When people begin to work where their heart is, and they see God doing things, they might be motivated to move out further. We can start influencing them to expand when they are active.


Hugo qualifies this and says we must first share the overall vision of Kingdom Global and then we can hear what the vision of the individual is. We cannot allow a single person to make us wait for a whole country. You can choose your part in this and then go out.

Asaph, Elias and Hardus will start having heart to heart talks with the different country coordinators.[4]


People in South Africa are scared of leadership, do not want to disagree. Because of this, people are scared to take initiative.


Action steps to be taken:

We need to teach people to speak out; but say that we have a global vision. We all have our different place in it. Jesus operated only in very small area. What we are looking for, is local impact with global intent.


Nico says if we start moving in an area, God will expand. Hugo says but we must keep the overall vision in sight. Caro says if you shine a light in darkness, people will be drawn to it.


We must talk to people, even if they can just be zone coordinators, that will also be OK.


Elias says we must share the global vision, then the strategy we follow and then we can ask people how they see their part in it.


Hugo says that if people don’t have revelation of the vision, it is useless to try and get them involved in Kingdom Global.  We share the website with everyone who comes to join.  People should study the website carefully and prayerfully.




Hugo says we need strong warriors and therefore need to understand what teachings must be shared. If you don’t expect much from someone, that is a big insult. We have to install trust in people.

No one is going to change a whole area by himself; he is going to get others to help him do it.


People joining Kingdom Global Verticals, such as KG Prophecy, don't need to be welcomed by Cornelia. The person in charge of the particular vertical welcomes them. Cornelia just needs to be updated on any such actions.


Verticals that are currently active are KG Family and KG Missions. Hardus will send Cornelia a list of all KG verticals.[5]

Frieda says that we need guidelines for Kingdom Global Prophetic so that people will know what areas are allowed and what not. KG Prophetic currently has 27 members.


Any matter that has to do with counselling has to be referred to Nita. Hugo says that Nita can explore doing skype/zoom sessions.


Prayer calendar – Carol is still busy editing it. People will be able to download the prayer calendar when it is ready, but in order to do so, they would need to provide information about what area they are praying for so that we can see where we have people praying. The prayer calendar imparts a lot of information to people without them realising it, such as the Kingdom Global DNA.




Elias says we need an interactive part on the website where people can share their testimonies. Hugo says that we are going to remove all the buttons on the first page of the website and just have our name and a world map. Later on the map will become interactive so that people would be able to click on a country and see what is happening there.


Lourens sends a message to the meeting that André van Eeden is ready to run and maintain our website. André will use Wordpress and might need additional plug-ins to do what our website currently does, which will cost money.


Elias wants us to consider a quarterly combined KG TEAM meeting.  Hugo says we will first get individual meetings going. KG TEAM Pretoria and Johannesburg will meet in February; KG TEAM Midrand has already had their meeting.


Elias still needs to give feedback on cost for social advertising.


The meeting is closed in prayer.

[1] Elias

[2] Hardus

[3] Nico

[4] Asaph, Elias, Hardus

[5] Hardus