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SciPy India 2020 - Workshop Instructions
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Workshop Name: Spatial Data Analysis with PySAL

Speaker Name: Prof. Serge Rey

Installation Instructions:

Participants can follow the README in the github link. They can use Binder (online without installation) or use local Jupyter Notebooks

Workshop Name: Digital Image Processing using Google Colab

Speaker Name: Dr. R. Senthilkumar

Installation Instructions: 

The participants are requested to use Google Colab for training, no need to install Python software and its libraries. It is recommended to use google colab because setting up the packages in the local system can take time and throw errors.

Workshop Name: From Data to Insight - A Case Study on Data Analysis using Python

Speaker Name: Manikant  Roy and Shawn Ray

Installation Instructions: 

We request the participants to follow the instructions given in this video

Workshop Name: IndicNLP: Natural Language Processing for Indian Languages using Python

Speaker Name: Gajendra Deshpande

Installation Instructions:

Workshop Name: Object Counting in an image: Object detection and Marking

Speaker Name: Deepak Kumar and Nalin Kumar

Installation Instructions: