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Fully Replacing Damaged Pulls for Magnalatch V2

Prepping your V2 Magnalatch for a complete knob replacement

Your latch may not look like the examples below - there may still be partial latch pieces covering the rod. You may need to pull the rod up through any leftover pull and detach it by pushing the plastic clip off of the rod.

Once the clip is off, cut the rod with diagonal pliers where marked.  

To repair the V2 Example 1 (complete damage) Above:

  1. You will need to pull the rod out, clip off the thin part of the shaft, and sand down the end until the rod is flat on top. Then use a 1/16” drill bit and drill a hole ½” into the rod - be sure to drill straight into the rod - perpendicular to the horizon (assuming the unit is mounted).  

  1. Now drill a hole through the rod, perpendicular to the rod. This should be a 1/32 in. drill bit (about as thick as a paperclip) - you do not want this hole to be very big as it could impact the rigidity of the rod.  In my example, the hole is very close to being inside the locking unit - yours should not be this close, it should be ½” down the rod where marked in pink below. The goal of the hole is to help assist the rod into the replacement knob AND provide leverage when you tighten the screw. When in doubt, smart with the smallest drill bit you can - and make sure you drill perpendicular to the rod.  

  1. Next, insert your replacement pull, go ahead and put the screw in the end. Use a paper clip to help guide the rod into the bottom of the replacement pull.