We love having pictures of our amazing community members having fun dancing! To help maintain a respectful relationship between photographers and dancers, we have created this Photography Policy. A photographer is a person who takes photographs using a camera, whether it is photography to make a living, for pleasure or to record an event, place or person.


For Photographers:

1) Flash Use. Avoid direct flash as much as possible and don’t use flash if the overall light level is very low, making the flash disruptive to the dancers.

2) Dancers’ Privacy – Wearing an orange-camo Wristband. If a dancer doesn’t want their photo taken, they will wear an orange-camo wristband. Do your best not to capture their likeness. Seek some kind of consent if unsure.

3) Give dancers space as needed. Generally limit your photo taking to dancers who dance on the edges of the dance floor or find areas in which you may be close and out of the way.

4) Rights. Photographers retain all rights to their photos, with the following conditions:

  1. a) For those photos they choose to publish, Dance!?! Alt Fusion is granted a limited license to use those published photos (with credit given) for promotional purposes.
  2. b) For the lessons, video is limited to personal use. No public or commercial use without permission of the instructors.
  3. c) Photos taken can’t be knowingly sold to stock photo agencies.


For Dancers:

1) Permission for Photography. View waiver for permission.

2) Dancers’ Privacy – Wearing an orange-camo Wristband. If you do not wish to be photographed, please request an orange-camo wristband at the registration desk. Photographers will do their best to avoid capturing your likeness alone; however, we cannot guarantee it and the subject still gives Dance!?! Alt Fusion permission for photography.

3) Communicate Your Boundaries. If someone is photographing you too much, not respecting your an orange-camo wristband, or coming in too close, respectfully ask the photographer to back away. If, after asking a photographer to stop taking pictures of you, the photographer continues, please seek out an on-duty Dance!?! Alt Fusion manager to speak with the photographer.

4) Respect Photographers’ Space. Please respect photographers’ by not asking to see the photos before they are published or request their time to capture a photo of you.

5) Requesting Photos be Deleted. After posting photos online, if you would like a photo taken of you to be unlinked or deleted, ask the publisher/photographer to remove the tag or delete the photo. We will do our best to accommodate your request.