Globe Unified District – 040201000


PRINCIPLE 1 - Effective Leadership

Globe Unified currently has experienced and effective leadership teams at each of the three schools, however, we know that we must continually work to:


STRATEGY      Share the Vision   The vision, mission, and goals will be communicated clearly and regularly to all GUSD stakeholders through spoken and written communication, modeling, and ongoing training throughout the 2018-2019 school year.



 “Capturing Hearts, Empowering Minds”


1.  Globe Unified School District will exercise Fiscal Responsibility by:

2.  Globe Unified School District is committed to promote Excelling Schools by:

STRATEGY            Supportive Culture and Strong Instructional Plan GUSD will manage district resources to support a culture of respect and develop a rigorous instructional program.                  


STRATEGY            Highly Effective Teachers and Administrators: Highly effective and talented employees will be hired, trained, developed, and retained.              


STRATEGY     LIFT: Leaders Influencing For Transformation         Develop teacher leaders by empowering them to develop, plan and implement school improvement strategies.                          


PRINCIPLE 2 - Effective Teachers and Instruction

Need: Develop and sustain a staff culture where all staff collaborate to make every student feel valued, important and fully capable of learning.

Desired Outcomes:


STRATEGY            Provide AQ Special Education Aides   Hire and train appropriately certified special education aides to provide support for students with IEPs.

STRATEGY            Support inclusion whenever it is in the interest of the child, and best practice in  instructions and services for students with IEPs    (Fund O/T, P/T, Speech services, extra supplies, IEP management/writing support)


STRATEGY            Build Content Area Competency                                  


STRATEGY            Training for Teachers of ELL Professional development: Off-contract session at the start of the 2019 FY to cover ELPS, selecting goals, the intention and guidelines for use of the ILLPs, and guided completion of initial Attachment A as well as introduction/review of district procedures, expectations and resources for ILLP program.

STRATEGY            Provide Support for Homeless Students  Maintain resources, instructional supplies and supplies needed to support academic achievement.                            

ACTION STEP Instructional Supplies  to support homeless students.(Title I set aside)                        


PRINCIPLE 3 - Effective Organization of Time

Needs: Extended learning time for students.  Organization of professional learning time to include regularly-scheduled PLC meetings, and instruction in the following areas of growth: ECAP, differentiating instruction, content knowledge, alignment of standards, curriculum and instruction, CKH, and classroom management.

Desired Outcomes:


STRATEGY   Friday School Support   Provide instructional time outside of normal school hours.

STRATEGY    Provide District-Wide Professional Development   Opportunities for both embedded and off-contract for teachers and administrators. (Data 1/2 Wednesdays, PD Fridays, regularly scheduled highly-focused mini-workshops)  


STRATEGY     Trimester Framework   Assist in transition from quarters to trimester school year framework to support more effective structuring of class time, reteach opportunities and challenging enrichment options.


PRINCIPLE 4 - Effective Curriculum

Needs: Greater rigor and depth of learning within the framework of the current curricula for core courses.  Programs and activities intended as intervention must be well-aligned and targeted to standards individual students need to master.

Desired Outcomes:

 STRATEGY  Core Curricula Implementation with fidelity and with best instructional practices  


STRATEGY            Meeting the Needs of All Students   Aides, testing replacement materials and supplies to address the needs of students with IEPs   Support for Special Education Needs:  Aides for Inclusive Preschool classes (IDEA-PreK)


PRINCIPLE 5 - Conditions, Climate, and Culture

Need: Student culture where students value learning, are self-motivated, and become stakeholders taking ownership of their own learning.

Desired Outcomes:


STRATEGY            Increase Daily Attendance   Develop:


PRINCIPLE 6 - Family and Community Engagement

Need: Programs and interventions that engage families in supporting their students' learning at home.

Desired Outcomes: Higher family and community expectations  for student achievement and support for regular school attendance.                   


STRATEGY            Create Plan for Parent Engagement    Develop yearlong plan of parent engagement:

School Site Council and Parent Information Workshops based on survey results and including educating parents about Capturing Kids' Hearts skills for use at home and school.                                    

STRATEGY            Identify/Support Students At-Risk for Attendance                              

STRATEGY            Develop ECAP Use/ Update ECAP process and expectations for all students. Make training available to all parents on the process and purposes of the ECAP, including stressing how the process can be an ongoing motivation factor for students and describing the parent's role.

Give parents hands-on opportunities to explore the computer program, with the assistance of an experienced user.                             


STRATEGY     Meeting for Parents of ELL Students   Parent Involvement nights to inform parents of EL students grades K-12 about EL updates and teach a grade level specific language development strategy for home use.