Overview: Students will develop a game that focuses on the subject of their choice. The game must be interesting, exciting, visually appealing, and intellectually challenging. The game must have high artistic, educational, and social value.

Underlying theme: Mental Health, you must research the issue of your choice to promote awareness of the issue. This does not have to be the main focus in your game (i.e. underlying theme)

Limits: The game must have a title/start screen, and at least three levels totaling at least three minutes of game play.

Software: You may use the programs of your choice to produce the game.


  1. Game Design Document
  1. Title page
  2. Instructions
  1. Detailed explanation of how to play the game, including a list of all control functions
  1. Game concept
  1. Background information / backstory
  2. How is your game different than what exists today?
  1. Game Genre & Target Audience
  2. Game Mechanics
  1. Game organization
  2. Mode of play
  1. Theme incorporation
  1. What mental health issue did you research, and how did you promote awareness about it in your game?
  1. Video Game