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Secret City Natural Gardening
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Secret City Natural Gardening practices a reciprocal and regenerative approach to landscape garden maintenance, cultivating natural health and beauty, while reflecting each client's needs and unique taste. We work chemical-free, using quiet and efficient hand-tool methods, maximizing detail and effect, while minimizing pollution, waste, unnecessary impact and supplemental input. We use natural amendments, mulches and groundcovers, and practice maintenance-integrated composting.

We cover East Washtenaw County and Detroit Tri-County areas.

Custom Maintenance Plans or By-The-Project  

Clean-up + Soil Preparation

Holistic Spray Program (all natural/chemical-free)                                

Selective Pruning

Weed/Invasive Mediation (chemical-free)

Live/Natural Cut Edging

Soil/Bed Preparation + Natural Amending                        

Lawn Reduction/Bed Expansion

Biodegradable Weed Barrier/Mulch Application

Maintenance-Integrated Composting

Removal of Landscape Fabric + Other Plastics

Natural Bio-Active Amendments

Soil Testing (nutrient, PH, organic matter, texture, lead+heavy metals and more)        


Site Assessments (includes extensive onsite assessment, custom options/plans and estimate)

Note: We specialize in landscape garden maintenance and do not offer landscape design or conventional lawn care services. We are happy to refer eco-forward arborists, designers, installers, consultants, nurseries, etc as needed.  

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Scott + Allison McDougall


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