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SDOW Reading Screening Information and Family Resources
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SDOW FastBridge Screening Information

and Family Resources

The School District of Washington uses formal and informal assessment data to monitor student progress and measure program effectiveness. Students will have opportunities to demonstrate what they know and can do on various formal and informal assessments throughout the year.  Formal assessments provide a “snapshot” of student performance at a given place and time. To complete the picture of student progress, ongoing informal assessment – embedded in the teaching process and used to provide regular feedback – will also be conducted as an essential means to enhance student learning.  

One tool the District uses to monitor student progress and growth is FastBridge Reading and Math.  This assessment tool is a nationally normed assessment that allows us to monitor growth over time and help identify students who might benefit from additional support to meet student learning goals. To help us identify who might need additional support, the students complete screening assessments three times each year, fall, winter, and spring.  Additional support might include small group instruction in the classroom, an additional targeted intervention group in the classroom, or intensive support with a specialist in a small group setting.  If the team believes a student might benefit from additional targeted or intensive intervention support, the student is then monitored frequently throughout the intervention cycle to help teachers and specialists monitor growth and provide instruction that is responsive to student needs.  Building teams meet regularly to discuss student progress and provide responsive instruction to best meet the needs of all students.

Additional Resources for Families and Caregivers

Reading Resources 

DESE Dyslexia Resources

Math Resources

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