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C2G Covid-19 Policies ver 3.0
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C2G Ministries

Covid-19 Policies, ver 3.0

C2G Board Approved on 9/17/2021

C2G’s Covid-19 Guidelines & Policies

Goals of these Policies are:

     • Protect each congregant’s health and wellbeing

     • Protect the C2G’s worshiping community from rapid infections

     • Maintain C2G’s mission of loving our community through Jesus Christ




The current C2G Covid-19 Policy status and the below information are posted at above link.

As soon as possible after the Allen County ISHD status changes,  either the Senior pastor or the C2G Board will send an email message to congregants that will contain among other things directions regarding Sunday morning worship policy.


Due to CDC and State of Indiana's change in Mask policy and guidance, C2G will replace our current Covid-19 Response Policy with the following:

“As of 9/19/21, Masks are required to be worn while indoors; for outdoor gatherings masks are encouraged for all, social distancing required, no fellowship time with food, and masks are required while singing, with the exception of the praise team or anyone on stage and while taking communion.

For 3rd party organizations, at the minimum they must comply with Covid-19 safety requirements set by the local, state and federal authorities, when using the C2G facility.