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1.        Purpose

The educational interests of students require the collection, retention, and use of data and information about individuals and groups of students while ensuring the individual's right to privacy. The District will maintain educational records for students for legitimate educational purposes.

2.        Authority

        SC 1305-A,


                1402, 1409,

                1532, 1533

The Board recognizes its responsibility for compilation, retention, disposition and security of student records. The Board also recognizes the legal requirement to maintain the confidentiality of student records.

        Title 22

        Sec. 4.52, 12.31,

                         12.32, 15.9

        20 U.S.C.

        Sec. 1232g

        34 CFR

        Part 99

The Board shall adopt a comprehensive plan for the collection, maintenance and dissemination of student records that complies with federal and state laws and regulations and state guidelines. Copies of the adopted student records plan shall be maintained by the District and revised as required by changes in federal or state law.

3.        Delegation of         Responsibility

The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for implementing and monitoring the adopted student records plan which meets all legal requirements.

The designated administrator shall establish safeguards to protect the student and his/her family from an invasion of privacy when collecting, retaining and disseminating student information and providing access to authorized persons.

District staff shall compile only those educational records mandated by federal and state laws and regulations.

        SC 1532

        Pol. 213, 215

In accordance with law, each District teacher shall prepare and maintain a record of the work and progress of each student, including the final grade and a recommendation for promotion or retention.

4.        Guidelines

The District's plan for compilation, retention, disclosure and security of student records shall provide for the following:

  1. Informing parents/guardians, eligible students, and those students eighteen (18) years and older of their rights and the procedures to implement those rights, annually and upon enrollment.

  1. Permitting appropriate access by authorized persons and officials, describing procedures for access, and listing copying fees.

  1. Enumerating and defining the types, locations and persons responsible for student records maintained by the District.

  1. Establishing guidelines for disclosure of information and data in student records.

  1. Maintaining a record of access and release of information for each student's records.

  1. Assuring appropriate retention and security of student records.

        SC 1305-A

  1. Transferring education records and appropriate disciplinary records to other school districts.

        Pol. 250

Procedures for disclosure of student records shall apply equally to military recruiters and postsecondary institutions.

        Title 22

        Sec. 12.31

Copies of the student records plan shall be submitted to the Department of Education, upon request of the Secretary.


School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 1305-A, 1306-A, 1402, 1409, 1532, 1533

State Board of Education Regulations – 22 PA Code Sec. 4.52, 12.31, 12.32, 15.9

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act – 20 U.S.C. Sec. 1232g

Family Educational Rights and Privacy, Title 34, Code of Federal Regulations –

        34 CFR Part 99

Board Policy – 213, 215, 250

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