LWVS Committees and Portfolios (2019-20)


Keep abreast of issues that have been or are currently being studied by the League of Women Voters on the county, state and national levels, and inform members of developments.  Topics include issues such as money in politics, voter rights/accessibility and reforms, and state and national constitutional conventions.  Identify and propose new issues that may be of interest to members for study.


Conduct an annual audit of the LWVS financial records shortly after the close of the fiscal year on June 30.

Book Group

Vet books for fall and spring book discussions, typically held at a member’s home and open to the community for casual, collegial, and thought-provoking conversation.


Plan and propose the following year’s LWVS budget for presentation at the Annual Meeting and approval by membership vote.

Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures

Review and update the LWVS Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures to ensure compliance with federal and state law and LWVUS and LWVNYS guidelines.


Plan a cohesive messaging strategy to broadcast pertinent information to membership and the community at large in coordination with all LWVS portfolios.


Identify opportunities to raise funds on a long-range planning basis to sustain the work of the LWVS.


Monitor and make recommendations for formal LWVS study of issues arising from any of the activities of the various land use Village boards, committees, and councils relating to environmental or sustainability issues including air, noise and water pollution, recycling and solid waste management including leaf collection and disposal, pesticide use, composting, stormwater and flood management, drinking water quality, preservation of natural resources, including trees, sustainability and energy conservation, and LED street lighting.


Arrange for refreshments at membership and board meetings.

Local Budgets

Local Election Systems


Coordinate with host venue to arrange room set up, menu, food service, A/V needs, and RSVPs for the fall Food for Thought and spring Annual Meeting Luncheons.

LWVW Liaison

Serve as liaison between the LWVW and the LWVS.  Attend and report on LWVW general, board, and consensus meetings and events as well as LWVW-sponsored activities such as the printed Voters Guide and vote411.org, the study of the Westchester County annual budget, the annual Running and Winning Conference that encourages female high school student participation in political activities, advocacy efforts, and the new “Know Your Government” project with the Westchester Library System.


Retain members and solicit and recruit new members through a concerted membership drive, outreach, programs, and social events, including the fall membership coffee.


Vet and propose officers and directors to serve on the following year’s LWVS board.

Planning and Zoning 

Monitor and make recommendations for formal LWVS study of issues arising from any of the activities of the various land use Village boards, committees, and councils relating to development in Scarsdale Village such as floor area ratio (FAR) and lot coverage, land use (including historic preservation and open space), housing, infrastructure (including utilities, road maintenance, water safety, and sewers), stormwater and flood management, safety, recreation, and the Village Comprehensive Plan (including Freightway development).


Identify speakers for the Food for Thought Luncheon in the fall, the Annual Meeting Luncheon in the spring, and other programs of interest.

Voter Service

Assemble and disseminate year-round voter registration, ballot and polling information, and election results for local, county, state, and national elections; update, print, and distribute the They Represent You brochure; assist LWVW, as needed, in preparing and distributing the county-wide Voters Guide and the accompanying national website and in updating local content on the Vote411.org website; encourage and promote active and informed citizen participation in government and the political process.

Youth Engagement and Education

Engage, partner, and collaborate with local schools and youth groups to educate and raise civics and political awareness among students.