Zone 5 (Greater Western Sydney) Bowling Association

Executive meeting

Austral Bowling Club – Wednesday 17th January, 2018

Meeting opened:        6.05pm

Present:        Andrew Frater, Col Crossingham, Ted Ryan, Stephen Della, Matt Slager, Alex Matheson

Apology:                Col Appleby

Previous minutes:        Moved by Stephen, seconded by Andrew that the minutes of 6th December be received as a true and accurate record of the meeting. CARRIED

Business arising:



  1. Email from Greg Helm – communication channels.

An email was received from Greg Helm in reference to communication channels detailing the different methods used by BNSW to communicate with clubs. These include BowlsBox, email, web site, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The usual Club Contact Update form is to be sent to all clubs.

  1. BNSW Circular 1/2018 – EOI 2018 State Championships.

Self explanatory.

  1. Email from Penrith – disabled bowler.

Col C to send an email to all clubs requesting the availability of disabled access to the club and to toilets.



Nil to report.


Ted tabled a report and advised the meeting that the total Zone funds are $50,482.72. Blacktown Workers and Penrith have outstanding amounts in relation to fees for old Nepean events.


Total members stands at 2201. A circular has been sent to all clubs detailing pennant entry fees and EOI for the conduct of pennant final series.


Entry forms have been sent to all clubs for the Zone Singles. An online file has been shared with all clubs and once the closing date passes clubs are to taken down the entry form and enter details into the online file.

The draw has been completed for the pennant season and is available on the zone web site. Home teams will be required to enter results after each round.


The senior inter zone trial at Picton in March will now be played between Zones 5 & 16 only. There will now be 4 rinks of senior inter zone and 4 rinks of inter zone.


Alex gave a report on juniors playing in the South Pacific. Also a run down on upcoming events.


Nil to report.


Glenbrook course scheduled for 3rd and 4th February. Still waiting details for Penrith & Bowral.

Moved by Alex, seconded by Col C that all reports be accepted. CARRIED

Agenda items:

Col C reported on the new membership and competition system being developed by BAust. The new system will have full integration between membership module and competition module.

The ZMC forum held at St Marys RSL was well received by those clubs that attended. Topics covered included changes to BNSW COP, procedures for the conduct of pennants and championships. Another forum will be held at Bowral on 24th January.

General business:

Green fees for pennants was discussed and Secretary to send email to all clubs stating 3 options, YES, NO or ONLY IF WE GET CHARGED.

Ted reported that a couple of clubs were overdue with payment for events in 2017. Stephen suggested the Regulations be checked and enforced.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 7.50 pm.

Next meetings:


Wednesday, 7th February, 2018, 6pm at Austral BC.


Sunday 4th March, 2018, 10am at Austral Bowling Club.

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 Executive Minutes