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February 23, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes
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ORRC Board Meeting Minutes - Virtual

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.



Board Members:

  • In Attendance: Stephen Wright, Randy Grant, Meg Roberts, Karen Peterson
  • Missing:  
  • Excused:
  • Guests: Tracy and Julia Reisinger


  • Call to Order, Announcement, and Introductions

  6:01 p.m.

  • Approved

   6:01 p.m

  • Board Committee Reports
  • Membership -Steve
  • Down 18% from last year.  Not surprising with available member benefits.
  • Treasurer - Karen
  • All good; clarified that cash acceptable for race operations
  • Race Operations
  • Hagg Mud - Feb 19, 20 – Karen  
  • Est. profit $15k; sweeper problem; 394
  • runners; 10% no-show; poker chip raved about
  • At 53% 2019 event
  • Full cast of volunteers
  • Catered food for vols, incl.

breakfast (Todd & Tanya)

  • Vernonia - April 10 - Steve
  • At 363 registrations, 20% above 2019.
  • (14 rolled over from 2020)
  • Hagg Lake - May 7 - Steve
  • Opened last week for registration
  • UTLR - May 30 - Steve
  • Permitting filed w/West Linn and Lake Oswego
  • Opening registration 3/1/22
  • Summer Solstice- June 11 - Steve
  • Poker Relay - Sept 5 - Tracy and Julia
  • Working on website/Run SignUp
  • Once/week FB posts planned
  • Best Dam Run - Sept 17 - Steve
  • Filed City and ODOT permits
  • Opening registration once permits are approved
  • Turkey Trot - Steve
  • 2021 Turkey Trot RD review
  • Foot Traffic early bib p/u Friday thru Tuesday before T-Day - met with Sean Rivers.  They will advertise TT.
  • Strong messaging to p/u bibs like Foot Traffic uses. They only have handful not p/u before events.

Marketing - Randy and Meg
         Kudos to Hagg Mud, Champoeg,

and Poker Relay for engagement

with Meg and FB

  • Equipment – Steve
  • Leveraging Storage Improvement with new three equipment managers
  • Equipment managers and I have spent a combined 32 hours inventorying, throwing away and organizing like equipment together in the front unit.
  • Next step is placement of equipment, and then repeat in the back storage unit.
  • Need RDs to improve return of equipment – putting things back clean

and where they belong

  • Need sign-in and return of equipment list

– in part to avoid lost/missing equipment

(e.g. signs)

   6:03 p.m.


  • Digitize ODR and pictures Update - Steve 
  • Complete

   6:35 p.m.

  • Going Cup less - Steve
  • 42,000 cups inherited from Portland Marathon
  • passed on to Foot Traffic
  • Hydropak silicone cups with logo and loop $2 each. 5,000; will provide swag for rest of year

   6:36 p.m.



  • Noel Tavan - Steve
  • RRCA RD Certification Course
  • Setting standards for RDs
  • Quarterly RD meetings(?) Every 6
  • months(?); monthly individual check-ins
  • Monthly emails to RDs (friendly nagging)
  • Mentor different from VP of races?
  • Establish criteria/job description for VP that promotes accountability
  • Published schedule of events
  • Ensure permitting secured
  • Post-race report/eval of event

    6:38 p.m.

  • 2022 Autumn Leaves - Steve and Karen
  • Mark sent a proposal to take over and make changes which was the catalyst of this discussion. Thanks Mark for bringing this subject to our attention.
  • Steve proposes postponing for 2022 to rethink and rebrand; taking the time to revisit and re-evaluate not just based on superficial elements but on reshaping Autumn Leaves brand from the inside out.  Need time to build these connections and make associations with the new brand. RD team may consider moving venue to Hagg Lake, possibly adding a 50 miler and creatively target market Autumn Leaves
  • Hagg Lake perfect venue for a 50-mile trail run
  • (25k/50k/50 miler).
  • Approved.

    6:40 p.m.

  • Jessica Ditto - Steve
  • Met with Jess. Has interest in RDing and being a board candidate.  Company owner.
  • Follow up meetings planned

     6:48 p.m.


     6:50 p.m.

    Randy – Linfield University’s Economics of Running

class is putting on the “Race to Space” on May 14, 2022,

at the college’s 1.5-mile dirt track “Wellness Trail.” Options will be 1, 3, 6, and 8 hours, with the 8-hour race starting at 8am. There will also be an early afternoon 4-lap relay event for teams of 2-4. Registration will be through Ultrasignup starting in the next few days. ORRC and Hagg Mud will be listed among the sponsors to acknowledge the in-kind donations and consulting services.


      7:00 p.m.

  • 2022 ORRC Focuses - All board
  • Suggestion . This is an overpowering list. Monthly work toward a conclusion on one of these items
  • What, how, and measured result outcomes.
  • What incredible difference can our service make to our customers, our runners and walkers.
  • Assign leads to ideas/questions that were offered in discussion during Nov meeting:
  • Goal to protect member assets ($376k)
  • Need to better match jobs with resources
  • Board Development Committee to identify needs and resources to meet? Improve diversity
  • Reactivate subcommittees?
  • Supporting running in the community
  • Overhead expenses bare bones
  • How to increase revenues (experience,
  • marketing, pricing)
  • Need to rebuild reserves by restoring

profitability to races

  • Need to refocus and settle board

     6:37 p.m.