NEWTalk: Episode 3 and Art Show- Power struggles in Latin America

In your groups, you will be utilizing the resources that you have been studying in core and creating Episode 3 for NEW School’s “NEWTalk” RSA Video and a Visual Metaphor one of the following chosen topics.


Political Power

Social Power

Economic Power





War on Drugs




Gender Roles & Identification












By the end of this unit, students should be able to explain and provide concrete example for the following topics in relationship to historical and scientific content:

  1. How is power manifested?
  2. What are the motive(s) for obtaining power?
  3. How does power reach equilibrium and who is responsible?
  4. How can power discriminate and isolate?

Grouping and Industry Roles

Each student will pick two roles, (other than the creative director role), to be assigned to for the duration of this project. See role descriptions and responsibilities below prior to choosing your roles. You will have a chance to interview for this role with the Creative Directors on Friday January 11th.

Industry Role Experts:

  1. Creative Director (Honor students/Group Leader)
  2. Copywriters
  3. Visual Designers
  4. Voice Actors
  5. Editors

Unit Project Description Part I and II

  1. Steps for RSA Animation (GROUP GRADE)
  1. Research: Compile your research on your Empathy Scavenger Hunt; this will be posted on Google Classroom on 1/17. Research (Empathy Scavenger Hunt)  is due 2/1.
  2. Script: Your copywriters will be responsible for compiling your script for your RSA Animation. Your script should be written in your own words and should include citations from your research. Typed, MLA format and put in shared group folder.
  3. Storyboard: Visual Designers and Copywriters will collaborate to plan out the visuals you will be using in your RSA Animation. This storyboard can be done digitally or by hand but should clearly layout ALL the visuals and texts you will use.
  4. Video Recording/Drawing: The Visual Designer will be responsible for drawing the RSA Animation while being recorded and assisted by the Voice Actor. Make sure your footage is uploaded to the computer you are assigned and placed in a titled folder on the Desktop.
  5. Voiceover: The Voice Actor will be recording the script on the Voice Memo app or another audio recording application. The recorded audio will then be placed in the shared group folder as an mp3 file.
  6. Editing: Editors will be responsible for editing both video and audio; as well as, publishing the final video to the YouTube account (passwords will be given by teachers). SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO TO THE FORM HERE


RSA Video Requirements

  1. Visual Metaphor (INDIVIDUAL GRADE)


Benchmarks Due Dates and Aligned Rubrics

Due Date



January 11th

Benchmark #1


Communication in Person and Online (Individual Grade)

February 1st

Benchmark #2

Scavenger Hunt

Analysis (Individual Grade)

Individual Group Meetings:

Date TBD

Benchmark #3

Check-in for video recording and voiceover.

Practice (Group Grade)

March 11th

Final Project Due

  1. NEWTalk Episode 3
  2. Visual Metaphor
  3. Weekly Time Cards

Visual Design & Organization Rubric (Group Grade)

Communication: Formal/Informal Presentation (Individual Grade)

Collaboration & Contributions in a Team Dynamic (Individual Grade)

Final Project Due Date is March 11, 2019