Dimachem Ltd.

Contract Warehouse & Logistics Service Pricing Agreement


Client:                                     ______________________________________________


Start Date:                   ______________________________________________


Location(s):                ❑ Windsor, ❑ London, Ontario ❑ Toronto (Airport)        

Payment Terms:                 All rates are in $USD and are due within 30 days from invoice


Product description:                   Chemicals in pails, drums, totes. Non-flammable & SDS must

                be provided.


Receiving Packaging:                  All products arrive palletized.


Inventory Conditions:                 Monthly Inventory provided with invoice.


Insurance:                                    Dimachem Inc. carries General Liability Insurance. Goods are

                not insured and the storage rates do not include insurance.


Shipping Inbound:                       48 hour minimum notice required. Packing Slips required prior

                to delivery.


Shipping Outbound:                    Client to provide 24 hour notice of outgoing shipments.

                                                     Client to provide Packing Lists and Bills of Lading to



Storage Terms:                            Products will be stored in a dry, covered area and will be kept in /Conditions                                  closed containers, as originally supplied. Dimachem will use proper                 inventory management and stock rotation.


Termination:                            90 days written notice for cancellation by either party.

        In the event of cancellation, any and all outstanding balances

        are to be paid in full prior to final release of all products in

        Dimachem’s facilities.



Handling:                                 Inbound:               $15.00 per pallet

                                                 Outbound:            $15.00 per pallet

Storage:                                   $25.00 per pallet per month, or portion thereof.

                                               Charge based on end of previous month inventory and on new

                inbound inventory.


Minimum:                                $200.00 per month.


Bills of Lading:                             $10.00 per outbound order unless provided by Client.


Pallet Purchase:                            $20.00 per pallet if not provided by Client.


Stretch Wrap:                          $8 per pallet if required/requested.


Labour Rates:                              If requested/required, $38/hr for additional inventory counts,

                special handling, repackaging, clerical fees etc. for work

                specifically requested by Client outside of this agreement.


Courier:                         Cost +$10 per shipment for online courier bills of lading and

                paperwork if handled by Dimachem. We can to do GTA deliveries                 from the GTA warehouse for $65/shipment.


Taxes:                             All rates are exclusive of applicable taxes.



Both parties agree to the above terms and rates


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