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SILVER SPONSOR: €500-1000 (Organizations with operating budgets of €50,000 or more)

DISABILITY PRIDE PARADE SUPPORTER: Free (Organizations with operating budgets of less than €50,000)

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What You Can Do:

GRASSROOTS PARTICIPATING GROUP: Free (DPOs and Disability-related organizations with budget < €50,000)

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The Disability Pride and Power Parade is the first Disability Pride Parade in Ireland, and the first national celebration of Disability Pride Month in Ireland.

The Disability Pride and Power Parade is an important space for the disability rights movement and our allies to come together to raise awareness of our unmet needs and rights, to celebrate the beauty of our community and share a rare moment of collective disabled joy and to challenge public and individual perception about what it means to be disabled.

Disability Pride Month originated in the USA to mark the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, but its meaning is universal, and there are parades in Chicago, New York, Senegal, Norway, New York, Rome, Milan, Brighton, Berlin and more.

Our second annual Disability Pride and Power Parade will take place this Saturday 27th July 2024, from 2pm from the Garden of Remembrance to Custom House Quay.

Hundreds of disabled people are expected at this year’s celebration, which will be bigger and more colourful than ever, with costumes and street spectacle by Baubo Theatre and Mr. Balloonatic. The event will also feature drag performances from Disgraceful Cabaret, music by Acoustic Punk Advocacy Service, and speakers from the disability rights movement.

Ireland’s DPOs, CILs and disability organisations are invited to participate and unite in the celebrations.


Disability Power Ireland is a grassroots, cross-impairment DPO (Disabled People’s Organisation) run by and for disabled people.

Our mission is to nurture the disability rights movement, to create visibility for our marginalised community, and bring disabled joy to the streets with Ireland's first Disability Pride and Power Parade and Festival. We have held three Disability Pride Month festivals since 2022, and have been actively involved in government policy and campaigning on disability rights issues, including as a member of the Scrap the Green Paper Coalition.  


Our festival has been going for three years purely from the efforts of unpaid disabled volunteers. This is the first year we have kindly received a small grant from the Arts Council and Dublin City Council, but it is still not enough for us to afford some basic and important, including the following:

An ISL interpreter (300 euro)

A wheelchair ramp for the stage (600 euro)

T-shirts, Hi-Viz vests and Megaphones for Volunteers and Parade Stewards

Disability Pride Flags to print

A Marching Band

Venue Hire for a Get Ready With Us Party to prepare for the parade

Disabled Speakers whom we can't afford to pay.


Our dream is to create a joyful celebration and movement which can eventually pay disabled people properly for their valuable contributions.

We know how badly a Disability Pride Month celebration like this is needed in Ireland and that is why we do it, despite the thousands of hours of unpaid labour.

We want to keep our events free for our participants, as 44% of disabled people are on the poverty line.

Our eventual aim is to create employment opportunities and participation for talented disabled people, among whom there is a 70% unemployment rate.

DPOs in Ireland are almost all currently unfunded, despite it being a requirement under the UNCRPD for the State to support us in order to carry out the vital role of DPOs in monitoring the Government's implementation of the UNCRPD (UN Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities).

We cannot yet afford to hire disabled Policy Officers to do these unpaid submissions- unpaid because the expertise and lived experience of disabled people is not valued.

The Scrap the Green Paper Coalition Campaign and the Care Referendum have both shown that we can affect change from the ground.

Help us to continue igniting the disability rights movement in Ireland, and to give the disabled community the joyful, colourful celebration we deserve.



GoFundMe: GoFundMe: The Disability Pride and Power Parade 2024

Twitter: @_DPIreland

Instagram: @disabilitypowerireland

Eventbrite: Disability Pride and Power Parade- Eventbrite

Last One On The Train: Last One on The Train - RTÉ Radio 1 (

Media Appearances: In the Media – Disability Power Ireland (

Support Contact:

Maryam Madani

Disability Power Ireland Chair/Founder/Festival Director

Phone: 087 1388 730