3D Design 2

Korryn Coates



Course Description:

3D design 2 is a course designed to continue exploration of 3 dimensional processes and materials. 3D Design 2 is designed to expand knowledge of the fundamentals and technical principles of working three dimensionally. Students will experiment with a number of construction methods and materials used to create, represent, respond to, and reflect on form in space.

Basic Objectives:

Performance Requirements:


94-100%  A                84-86%   B                74-76%   C                64-66%   D

90-93%    A-                80-83%   B-                70-73%   C-                60-63%   D-

87-89%    B+                77-79%   C+                67-69%   D+                0-59%     F

Class Policies:

Rules to Live By:

Respect yourself.

Respect others.

Respect this place.

Discipline Policy:

        I expect students to be mature and self motivated. If behavior is not appropriate, I will speak with the student privately about the issue. If the situation does not improve, parents will be contacted. If the problem persists, the student will be referred to the principal’s office for disciplinary action or removal from the class. Any damages to the classroom or supplies will be paid for by the student.

Open Studio: Open studio will be held to give students an opportunity to have extra studio time. Time available for open studio will be posted in class. Attendance at open studio may earn back lost participation points, cleaning points, and may be used to make up hours for NC credit.

Safety: There are many safety issues when it comes to a ceramics studio. Students will be expected to act in a safe and mature way when it comes to handling tools, clay, wheels, and other materials. If a student is abusing or participating in an unsafe behavior, the issue will be addressed with the student. Please be aware that if unsafe or inappropriate behavior becomes an issue, certain privileges may be lost.

Course Fee: There is a $25.00 course fee to take any sculpture class.


- Mandatory