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I am
writing to you today asking for your help.  This year over 7 million birds will die colliding with communication towers like yours located near <<City>>, <<State>> tower number <<Registration Number>>.  These birds are primarily nighttime migrating songbirds that are attracted to and disoriented by towers using steady-burning lights.  

You can help stop these deaths by requesting approval to turn off the steady-burning red lights (L-810). This simple step will both substantially reduce your operating costs and reduce bird fatality rates up to 70%. Many tower owners have already made these changes with excellent results.

In May of 2012, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) published a report documenting that extinguishing nighttime steady-burning lights on communication towers would still maintain safety for aviators. This report has led to updates to the FAA Advisory Circular on Marking and Lighting (AC 70/7460-1L).  The FAA will now approve requests from tower operators to change nighttime lighting systems.

The easy process of gaining approval from the FAA and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to extinguish the steady-burning lights on towers is detailed in Tools for Tower Operators.  Please consider taking these simple cost-saving steps.  It is a win-win for you, our birds and the millions of US citizens who love birds.


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