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BUUSD 1:1 Device Student User Agreement
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      BUUSD 1:1 Device Student User Agreement

BUUSD encourages the use of one-to-one (1:1) devices or tablets and the network, including the Internet, as a tool for research and education. The 1:1 device and the network, like any other school property, must be used for educational purposes. The distribution of a 1:1 Device to each student attending BUUSD Schools to access their education is a privilege, not a right, and its use may be revoked at any time for inappropriate conduct during the school day or outside of school. 1:1 Devices, the charger, and the case are the property of BUUSD.

Students and parents/guardians are responsible for reading and understanding the BUUSD Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources and the Internet Policy and this BUUSD 1:1 Device Student User Agreement.

Each school year, students are automatically opted into the 1:1 program and it is assumed that parents/guardians and students agree to the BUUSD 1:1 Device User Agreement. Parents/guardians and students will be held to this agreement unless a Computer Technology Opt-Out Form is submitted. Print a copy of the form, sign and return this form to the main office.  If you don’t have the ability to print this form out, please contact the Help Desk at 479-6901 or Please know that should you choose to opt-out of the 1:1 Device Student User Agreement, your student is still responsible for completing the learning tasks that may be assigned electronically.  

Equipment Provided


While using a 1:1 Device, students are expected to abide by the following rules and behavioral expectations, both at home and within the school:






1:1 Device Repairs

All required repairs for 1:1 Devices must be processed by the BUUSD Technology Support Department. Please, DO NOT attempt to repair the 1:1 Device yourself or through a third party.

Issues with 1:1 Devices should be communicated by sending an email to to initiate the repair or replacement process. 

Cost of Repairs and Replacements

Students and parents/guardians will be held responsible for ALL damage to their 1:1 Devices including, but not limited to: broken screens, cracked plastic pieces, inoperability, etc. Should the cost to repair exceed the cost of purchasing a new device, parents/guardians will be billed for the full replacement value of the device as specified in the applicable BUUSD 1:1 Device Repair and Replacement Table unless the BUUSD technology staff determine that it is a manufacturer defect, which there will be no charge for. While the device is being repaired, students might be provided with a loaner device, depending on the individual repair situation. Students will not be issued a replacement device until BUUSD has been paid in full for the outstanding bill.

Lost items such as cases and cables will be charged the actual replacement cost. Please take the time to review the average costs for replacement and repair in the table below.

BUUSD 1:1 Device Repair and Replacement Table

Replacement Part

Approximate Cost

New 1:1 Device


New Power Adapter


New Case


Replacement Screen


Replacement Keyboard


Replacement Power Charging Port


Manufacturer Defect**

No Charge

*These costs are subject to change at any time based on current market rates.

**As determined by authorized BUUSD technology staff.