Precinct Chair Ideas


We appreciate all feedback and suggestions.

Do Something!

The very first idea is just to get moving. Put your contact information on a dozen flyers and hang them. Meet a couple of Democrats for coffee (your place or Starbucks) and start getting ideas. Pick one of the ideas which follow and “run with it”. Just get started.


I highly recommend getting a hand punch (less than a dollar), and a bag of rubber bands (les than two dollars). This is the easiest and fastest way to distribute door hangers and other announcement materials we mention below.  I also point out that people do not use front doors a lot so be creative about where you “hang” your literature.  I love to put them on those carriage lights people have on either side of their garage doors! Clipboard(s) and pens. The party has a ton of them. Contact me at the email above  for more information.


People will contact you to ask “how can I help”.  When this happens you need a list of things you would like (not need) to have done.  There is nothing worse than having to tell an eager recruit “we will find something for you to do”. Drop off door hangers to newly registered Democrats.  Go over the Votebuilder list for your Precinct and find Democrats they know.  Keep an eye on District and County requests for volunteers.

“Building a Democratic Community” Class

This is the basic class DP-DAC gives to every Precinct leader (officer or otherwise).  They are scheduled every few months. Contact me at the email above  for class schedule.

Precinct Door Hanger Campaign:

In Pct 116, Door Hangers before the primary doubled the participation from previous years. Jeff Schwam, pct 113 chair,  gave me the idea. My cost was 5¢  per page  ($5/100) using double sided, B&W with slightly heavier paper.   I used a punch and hung them on doors with rubber bands.

This was perfect for getting precinct leaders and volunteers involved. We doubled the number of Democrats voting in the 2018 primary from 2014 primary.

Side 1 example

Side 2 example

Newly Registered Democrats Report

Every month both parties get a report of all voters registered in Doña Ana County.  The DP-DAC data team generates a report showing the NEWLY registered Democrats by Precinct and it is emailed to the Precinct Chairs. These are people you should call on.  We have a “door hanger” specifically for new Democrats.  You can print the document from the link below or me a note at the email in the heading and request a dozen or so. Obviously, it is best if you can knock on your new neighbor’s door and introduce yourself in person but you can also just hang this on their door. Note: It has a space to write in your name, email, and phone. Please do so. People LOVE to get hand written anything these days and you will be surprised at how many volunteers you get.  

Door Hanger/Intro Piece for Newly Registered Democrats

I can’t tell you how often people, literally, hunt down contacts within the party because nobody reached out to them.  Here is your chance.

Lists of Voters/Walklists

We have a team that does nothing but generate different lists of voters from the Votebuilder database. To request a report for your precinct, click on this link and submit the request form.