Privacy Policy of Stickerpacks for Telegram

Stickerpacks for Telegram app does not collect or share personal information. But our app used third party advertising platform named Appodeal which can collect your personal device identifier to Personalize Your Ad Experience. The rest of this page tries to explain why you should care.

Information collected

App can send advertising ID to Appodeal advertising platform for showing to you personalized ad.

How app use information

Device identifier

The application uses your device's identification to display targeted advertisements. You can disable this option in app 'About' section.

App uses Appodeal advertising network to display ad

The data collected by the advertising does not contain the user's personal information, and information that can facilitate the identification of the user.

Additional scopes

App does not require additional permissons to device access

Terms of Use

Using the Stickerpacks for Telegram application, you agree to the terms of this agreement. These conditions govern the relationship between the developer and you.

Last updated on 20/09/2018