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A Mass Struggle For Haiti's Sovereignty A BAP Toolkit
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A Mass Struggle Against The Occupation of Haiti

A BAP Toolkit

What is Happening in Haiti?

Amidst Haiti's ongoing struggle for autonomy, decades after the 2004 coup that removed President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the nation remains trapped in neocolonial dominance and threatened by imperialist agendas, primarily from the United States. The assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in 2021 further exacerbated the crisis, leaving the country without elected leadership. Unelected Prime Minister Ariel Henry, perceived as a puppet for foreign interests, particularly the CORE GROUP, OAS, United Nations Security Council, under the administration of Biden, obstructed Haitian sovereignty and suppressed popular dissent through paramilitary groups and police violence.

After months of the U.S., Core Group, and other imperialist collaborators working to execute an armed intervention into Haiti that they are now calling a “Multinational Security Service,” ex-de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry has been removed from his illegitimately-held position. The same imperialist cabal, including Haiti’s capitalist class, have created the conditions making military intervention appear necessary and inevitably want to appoint a favorable “transitional government,” without input from the Haitian people.

We must highlight and support the masses of Haitians on the ground in Haiti. We must reject western media’s stories that Haiti is a “failed state” over-run by “gang violence”. Haiti doesn’t need any further outside intervention. Black Alliance for Peace member organization MOLEGHAF calls for a gathering of all revolutionary forces in Haiti to unite against the imperialist forces that plan on continuing the unfair elections and occupation of Haiti. It is our responsibility to spread correct information so that hands can finally be off Haiti and our Americas can be a Zone of Peace.

What Is the Core Group?

First convened in 2004 under the authority of the UN Security Council resolution that led to the military invasion and foreign occupation of Haiti, the Core Group is a self-styled council consisting of the diplomats of foreign countries with political and economic interests in Haiti, combined with the representatives of a number of multilateral organizations and agencies (including the IMF and World Bank).

Who are the members of the Core Group?

While the membership of The Core Group has fluctuated since its initial formation, it currently has nine members: Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, United States, European Union, the Organization of American States, and the United Nations Organization. Significantly, the group has never had a Haitian representative, and often meets without Haitian representation.

What purpose does it serve?

The Core Group was set up to coordinate the various branches and elements of the United Nations occupation in Haiti (MINUSTAH).

Neither neutral nor passive, the Core Group plays an active, interventionist role in Haiti’s everyday political affairs. It has worked to extend and protect foreign economic interests in Haiti. And it has consistently intervened in Haiti’s sovereign political affairs, often without the collaboration or consent of the Haitian government. Importantly, there is no prescribed term-limit on the Core Group’s mandate; theoretically it could be in place in perpetuity.

What Is the Organization of American States?

Chartered in 1948, the OAS is a multilateral association of 34 states representing the American hemisphere. Its ostensible purpose is to promote peaceful settlement of disputes, provide collective security, and encourage economic and social cooperation among member states. However, the United States is the dominant force within the OAS. The U.S. provides 60% of the organization’s funding and it has always been under U.S. economic and ideological influence. As such, the OAS has long served as a tool of U.S. imperialism: Via election meddling, diplomatic chicanery, supporting pro-US and right-wing governments, and aggressively assisting the expansion of neoliberalism and the market economy throughout the Americas.

The OAS and Haiti

The OAS has worked as an extension of U.S. power in Haiti. It is part of the Core Group, an unelected group of foreign governments and institutions (the U.S., UN, France, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Spain, the European Union). Members of the Core Group have appointed themselves as the arbiters of Haitian politics and economics–while serving as the overseers of the ongoing de facto military occupation of Haiti by United Nations forces.

While the OAS’s charter expressly states that it should not interfere in the “internal jurisdiction of member states,” the organization has directly intervened in Haitian elections in 2010 and 2015/2016. Most recently, the OAS has supported the presidency of Jovenel Moïse. Right-wing OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro issued a statement affirming Moïse’s illegal claim that his term ends in February 2022, rather than February 2021 as stipulated by the Haitian constitution, and as affirmed by Haitian civil society. OAS interference in Haiti’s electoral process on behalf of the U.S. has contributed to the current constitutional and political crisis.

What can we do?

Against Occupation Toolkit


  1. The U.S. and the UN must end their interference in Haiti and the

Core Group must be disbanded.

  1. The U.S. must stop its criminal gangster actions against Haiti and stop

propping up the illegitimate government they installed.

3. Kenya must end its support for a racist and imperialist intervention in


  1. The governments of the U.S. and the Dominican Republic stop

dumping arms and ammunition into the country and for the de facto

Prime Minister stop arming paramilitaries in the country.

  1. The United Nations pay restitution for the devastating 2010 cholera

outbreak by rebuilding Haiti’s water, sanitation, health, and

educational infrastructure.

  1. That fuel subsidies for Haiti are reinstated and the minimum wage


  1. The CARICOM countries, alongside other regional nations, normalize

pathways for work visas and citizenship for Haitian nationals.

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Sample Tweets

  1. The UN's presence in Haiti has been marred by violence and neglect. MINUSTAH's costly operation saw thousands of troops, but brought brutality, racism, and disease. Civilians suffered attacks, sexual crimes, and a deadly cholera epidemic. The UN must be held accountable for these atrocities." #UN #HandsOffHaiti
  2. @Blacks4Peace calls on all progressive, radical, and revolutionary movements and organizations across the Americas to support the Haitian people’s popular sovereignty and self-determination. No imperialist intervention! #HandsOffHaiti
  3. @Blacks4Peace stands firm against foreign interference in Haiti. Haitians deserve self-determination to address their own political affairs without external meddling." #Haiti #SelfDetermination #HandsOffHaiti
  4. In both Palestine and Haiti, western media relentlessly uses biased narratives to distort realities, perpetuate stereotypes, fuel injustice, and continue colonial occupation. #FreePalestine #HandsOffHaiti
  5. The Core Group isn't neutral but actively intervenes in Haiti's politics, safeguarding foreign economic interests. Its influence shapes Haiti's future, often at the expense of Haitian sovereignty." #CoreGroupOutOfHaiti #HandsOffHaiti #HaitisWhiteRulers
  6. The narrative of "gang violence," and "failed state" are a pretext to justify foreign military intervention and attack Haiti's sovereignty. #HandsOffHaiti #CrisisInHaitiIsImperialism
  7. Western media's portrayal of Haiti as incapable of self-governance is a racist assumption. The real issue lies in imperialist interference and colonial rule. #DecolonizeHaiti #StopForeignIntervention

Resources + More Tweeting Options

Recent Perspectives from the Region

The Zone of Peace Campaign Calls for the Respect of Haitian Popular Sovereignty and an End to Western Imperialist Intervention #HandsOffHaiti #ZoneOfPeace #USOutOfTheAmericas 

The Assembly of Caribbean People lays out clear demands and alternatives to armed intervention into Haiti  @caribbeanempow1 @blacks4peace #HandsOffHaiti

Press Releases & Statements

MOLEGHAF: Public Statement on the Current Situation in Haiti @blacks4peace @MOLEGHAF_Haiti #HandsOffHaiti

The Zone of Peace Campaign Calls for an Emergency Day of Action for Haitian Sovereignty @blacks4peace 

We Denounce UN Security Council's Approval to Send a Kenya-led Mission to Haiti (joint statement) @blacks4peace  #HandsOffHaiti #ZoneOfPeace

No to Blackface Imperialism! Yes to Haitian Sovereignty 
@blacks4peace  #HandsOffHaiti

In Haiti, Kenya Chooses Imperialist Servitude Over Pan-African Solidarity
@blacks4peace  #HandsOffHaiti #NoBlackfaceImperialism

Black Alliance for Peace Once Again Calls on International Community to Reject U.S./U.N./CARICOM Plan for an Armed Intervention of Haiti
@blacks4peace  #HandsOffHaiti

Black Alliance for Peace’s Haiti/Americas Team Opposes the Apparent Support of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) for Foreign Military Intervention Into Haiti
@blacks4peace  #HandsOffHaiti#ZoneOfPeace

The Black Alliance for Peace Welcomes Delayed Security Council Vote on Western Invasion of Haiti @blacks4peace#HandsOffHaiti

The Black Alliance for Peace Opposes Biden Administration’s Security Council Resolution on Haiti and Calls for its veto @blacks4peace#HandsOffHaiti

No to Foreign Military Intervention in Haiti! Yes, to Haitian Self-Determination. @blacks4peace #HandsOffHaiti

The Black Alliance for Peace Rejects the calls for Foreign Intervention in Haiti and Demands that International Community Respect Haitian Sovereignty and the Wishes of the Haitian People for National Self- Determination @blacks4peace #HandsOffHaiti

An Open Letter to Her Excellency, Dr. Carla Natalie Barnett Secretary General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), on the need to Support Haitian Sovereignty @blacks4peace  #HandsOffHaiti

Black Alliance for Peace Condemns Renewal of the UN Mission to Haiti (BINUH) @blacks4peace #HandsOffHaiti

Black Alliance for Peace Condemns Extension of United Nations Mandate in Haiti and Calls on Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to Support Haitian Independence and Sovereignty
@blacks4peace #HandsOffHaiti

The Resignation of Biden’s Special Envoy to Haiti Once Again Exposes the White Supremacist Foundations of U.S. Foreign Policy, No Matter Which Party is in Charge @blacks4peace #HandsOffHaiti

Who Rules Haiti? Black Alliance for Peace Condemns Undermining of Haitian National Sovereignty @blacks4peace #HandsOffHaiti

Haiti’s White Rulers Have Spoken on Haiti’s Political Future @blacks4peace #HandsOffHaiti

Popular Education Session

The Crisis in Haiti is a Crisis of Imperialism

Goal: Participants will receive a basic understanding of the purpose, history,

and impact of imperialism and colonialism on Haiti and develop a

commitment to anti-war, anti-militarism, and the total liberation of Haiti

and the Americas.

Example Session Outline

affiliation(s), what you hope to take away, how you heard, etc. (5 mins)

and Western Nations (i.e. the U.S)? (10 mins)

reflections by attendees (15 mins)

( (5 mins)

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Wheatpasting is a simple, dirt-cheap way of spreading ideas, news, analyses,

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(OR, you can use a gallon of pre-made “wallpaper paste,” which can be

bought cheaply at hardware stores. If you do this, you can skip the first

three steps below.)


  1. Mix 1 cup of flour with 2 cups of water in a pan. Stir until no lumps.
  2. Allow the mixture to boil and overheat until it thickens.
  3. Cook for about half an hour and let it cool.
  4. Put the wheatpaste solution into a container, grab a paintbrush, some flyers, and head out into the night. Keep in mind wheatpasting is not “legal” and, therefore, it is best to go late at night to avoid being seen by cops.
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  6. Add more wheatpaste on the front of the flyer (especially the edges) to secure it to the surface.

Zines & Fact Sheets

BAP Backgrounder: Haiti Behind the Headlines

The Crisis of Haiti is a Crisis of Imperialism – Zine


View on Canva:

Haiti & Palestine: One Struggle One Enemy (RASANBLEMAN POU AYITI) – Zine



Fact Sheet On The Core Group

Fact Sheet on Organization of American States

Haiti & Colonialism

Features On Haiti

The Unspoken Colonial Contradiction of Haiti | Hood Communist

By Erica Caines and Austin Cole

BAR Haiti Special Issue 


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Justice and Equality with the Haitian People @blkagendareport

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Intervene in Haiti article by @haiti_liberte @blkagendareport

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2024 REVOLUTION In Haiti Against US Empire! The Full (Hi)Story Of The Uprising Prof. Jemima Pierre | Neutrality Studies

In Collective West media, the violence taking place in Haiti is being reported as the symptom of a failed state. This is wrong. Haiti hs been the "laboratory of neo-colonialism" since at least 1915, and this is continuing today. At the moment, the Haitians are again revolting and striving to shake off the yoke of European and American oppressors. Listen to the explanations of Professor D. Jemima Pierre who gives the full (hi)story of Haiti's current struggle. 

Haiti Needs Peace: PM Ariel Henry Announces He Will Resign, Transitional Council to Take Charge | Democracy NOW!

Dr. Jemima Pierre appeared on Democracy Now to discuss Ariel Henry's has announcement that he will resign from his unelected position as Prime Minister and the transitional panel set up by CARICOM to appoint another unelected leader.

Empire's Laboratory: How the 2004 U.S.- Backed Coup Destabilized Haiti & Led to the Current Crisis | Democracy NOW!

Dr. Jemima Pierre discusses the current events in Haiti, where she asserts that the crisis in Haiti is not a crisis of gangs, but one of imperialism that reaches back to the 2004 coup.

Haiti Doesn’t Have a ‘Gang’ Problem, It Has a US Imperialism Problem w/ Dr. Jemima Pierre | Break Through News

Haiti doesn’t have a ‘gang’ problem, it has a US imperialism problem, says Dr. Jemima Pierre

Suppression of democracy and Black votes in Haiti | Alliance For Global Justice

AFGJ's Tanya Nuñez asks Erica Caines of Black Alliance for Peace about the suppression of democracy in Haiti. 

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Haiti, Africa and the global dynamics of race - A conversation with Jemima Pierre| Maisha Kazini Channel

Jemima Pierre explains how global racial dynamics distort perceptions of Black people worldwide. 

Webinars / Teach-Ins

March 2024 Haiti Crisis Update: What We Know 

Kenya’s Intervention in Haiti: An interrogation of Impetus, Objectives,

and Consequences 

The Crisis Is Imperialism: Urgent Teach-In on Haiti