Halloween Special

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Based on Peter Benchley’s 1974 novel,
Jaws follows the horrors of a great white that terrorized beachgoers on Amity Island. To take it down, police chief Martin Brody, marine biologist Matt Hooper and shark hunter Quint join forces to put a stop to the beast below once and for all.

Jeff’s Choices





Trait- “Farewell and Adieu”

The fantasy with this Jaws kit is that he will be a tank that will pop out of nowhere and deal high burst damage while body blocking with his huge silhouette. You never really know the location of the shark… and just when you least expect it, he pops out and strikes! This trait “Farewell and Adieu” allows the shark to be under the magical battlefield and stealthed. Unlike another stealth in the game the shark can not be revealed by the enemy attacking him, BUT when he uses one of his abilities on the battlefield or auto attacks he will be forced to be stationary until he uses this trait again to go stealth and move. He can only move when stealthed.

Mount- No Mount- Increaded movement speed with a moving “swimming with the current animation”

Q- “Thrash”

Bruce breaks out of the ground ground of the nexus and grabs the closest target in his jaws. The attack deals initial damage to the target from the bite, but that's not all. Bruce proceeds to thrash them side to side 2 times dealing additional damage. Bruce can be stunned out of the thrashing if an enemy player stuns him.

W- “Barrel”

A harpoon shoots out of the opening of the nexus that Bruce is attacking from as a skill shot. If this skillshot hits an enemy hero they are tethered to a barrel that slows their movement for a short amount of time. This has 3 skillshot charges and if the same hero is hit by all there they will not be able to move.

E- “Don't go in the Water.”

If ability has a very short range and will grab an enemy hero that is in range and pull the underwater. When pulled into the hole in the nexus that Bruce is occupying they will not be able to be targeted, but will need to swim a small distance to a predetermined hole in the ground that they can exit the water from, taking them out of the battle until they do so.

Heroic 1- “Smile, you son of a...

When this heroic is selected the Bruce player can select 3 places on the battlefield to place explodable oxygen tanks. These tanks can be exploded dealing AoE damage to all enemies in the area. They are able to be hidden in vents or bushes in key areas on the battlefield. Once struck by a friendly player they will explode and after a short cooldown the Bruce player can select a place for a new tank.

Heroic 2- “Show Me The Way To Go Home.”

Bruce strikes fear in the closest target to him causing them to go into a sailor's tune that acts like their hearthstone sending them back to their hall of storms. This can be talented into later in the game to also put the players hearthstone on cooldown for a short amount of time after this ability is used on them.

Specialty Skin: “Sharks with frickin laser beams on their heads.”


Shark Tank business man- large and on the prowl for the next best enemy hero to become their next acquisition.

Dance: Dolphin Tail Dance.

Kristen’s Choices

Takin’ the Bait



Favorite Blizzard Game

        Heroes (for the kill count)

Favorite Blizzard Character

        Ol’ Gummers




Under the Scene

Because Jaws is a shark, he travels underwater or, in the case of the Nexus, under the maps. This means he ignores all terrain by diving down and surfacing his fin once past.


        Air Barrels

They seem to do the trick until they sink below the surface...


Dun Dun

Upon nearing a group of enemies, Jaws emits a fear aura in the form of a cone in front of him. This aura disorients and slows anyone trapped in it. This aura comes with it’s own soundtrack.


Deep Dive

Jaws drops below the surface of the map, disappearing entirely. While down here, his aura becomes two to three time stronger as enemies begin to really get scared.


The Bite

Swimming straight up, Jaws grabs an enemy in his gaping mouth and then sinks below the map, dealing half of the unit’s or Hero’s total health to them. This is an extremely short range skill shot.



In a twist of events, Jaws begins tossing air canisters into the air. If it lands on a Hero, that Hero is now carrying an air cannister. Brody climbs onto the back of Jaws and begins shooting. If a bullet hits a cannister, it explodes, dealing a lot of damage.


Amity Attack

To commemorate the skinny dipper of the beginning of the movie, Jaws sets his sight on the least dressed enemy Hero. With the fin under the map, this Hero is suddenly pulled under, never to be seen again.


        Left Shark

                Who could forget Left Shark?

        Street Shark

Wearing pants, sporting abs and built to bust up some bad guys, this shark is totally jawesome!



        Left Shark Dance

                Jaws pops out of the water and start flippin’ his fins as best he can.