Men’s Fedora Hat

Up until the late 1960s, men wore hats. The hat was an essential piece of every man's wardrobe. So much so that you would rarely see him out of the house without one on.

Hats were as essential as shoes but for some reason in the late 1960s guys just sort of got out of the habit of covering their head with a hat when they left the house.

So for the next forty years with the exception of the baseball cap, hats have slipped into relative obscurity but classic men's hats are back in a big way and I think this is largely due to the fact that men are starting to once again dress with purpose.

Guys are now paying attention to the entire outfit, not just the pants or not just the shoes.

Cool hat is a great way to add depth and dimension to an outfit. Anybody can put together a pair of matching pants and a cool shirt but the guy who really wants to up his game and elevate his style, take it to the next level is coordinating and trying and experimenting with hats.

Guys that can wear hats and that pull them off, they emanate.

The only way you're gonna know if you are indeed a hat guy is to try it.

But here's the great news. There are so many different cool variations of the male hat that I thought now we should go over them and show you some examples of some kick-ass killer hats.

First we have the fedora hats for men. It comes in a bunch of different fabrics, different materials, everything from straw to felt. It's incredibly versatile. You can dress it up, you can dress it down. It comes in some different styles as well. The brim will be a little bit larger on some, smaller on others.

A smaller and more playful hat is the trilby, which kind of resembles a fedora hat but the brim is much smaller.

The homburg on the other hand is a little bit dressier of a hat. It's larger, it's more structured, characterized by a single crease down the crown.

Next we've got the derby or bowler hat. It has no crease down the center but it's also a dressier option.

The pork pie on the other hand is totally flat on the top

And the cowboy, well we all know what a cowboy hat is.

The Panama hat is larger than the fedora, derby or pork pie but it's great for the summer sunny days at the beach.

Now let's go over the to more casual options.

The flat cap is characterized generally by having a snap in the front but the way you wear it really determines how this bad boy looks

The newsboy is a deconstructed playful option that you may want to consider.

The question is how do you wear, pair and coordinate these hats with different outfits. These days it's all over the board. You really need to just experiment. Get a hat that you love and try it with different outfits.

Some like the newsboy and the flat cap are a bit more sort of casual in nature. The men’s fedora hat works great with guys that are rocking suits. I've also seen it look incredible with guys just in t-shirts and shorts. It's really personal preference and how you choose to rock your great hat.

Hats are fun, playful and they command attention. Not in a bad way.

Not a lot of guys wear hats or have the confidence to wear a hat. And really that's what it takes. It takes you being confident in who you are, what you're wearing and how you're rockin that great cap.