An Unofficial Guide On Staying Options for IIT Hyderabad Faculty

This document discusses possible options for renting apartments for IIT Hyderabad (IITH) Faculty, along with travel options from those places. Campus here refers to Kandi campus (i.e., main campus) and not the ODF campus. The campus entrance lies on the NH-65. The academic buildings/hostels/dining hall are nearly 2 KM from the campus entrance.

Institute provides two means of transport:

Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list.  This information is suggestive only and mentioning of a place/service does not imply endorsement or recommendation.

Contributors: Dr Sparsh Mittal

Here are the options:

  1.  The on-campus housing for faculty/staff is expected to be ready sometime in 2018.

  1.  The ODF faculty housing: 

Distance from the campus entrance: 13 Kms

Travel option:

-Institute buses

- personal vehicle

- car pooling

 Rent is equal to your HRA (housing rent allowance).

Pros: No hassles related with rental homes, Flexibility in commuting to kandi campus, no traffic jams, access to greener environment, several parks for children

Cons: Quarters are somewhat old and small. Limited hospital and other recreations that a city offers. Finding employment for spouse is difficult.

  1.  Sangareddy:

Distance from campus entrance: 5 Kms

Travel option:

- One can take auto or city buses to come till Kandi junction and then take the institute buses to reach the campus. Or one can come till Kandi campus entrance and then take institute buses or 7-seater to reach the academic building.

- personal vehicle

- car pooling

Pros: Closeness to campus. No traffic jams. Low rentals. There are pre-schools and high-schools.

Cons: Finding employment for spouse may be difficult. Limited hospital and other facilities that Hyderabad city offers.

  1. Hyderabad City

Travel option:



In city, there are multiple places to stay at.

BHEL/Lingampally: 26 km

Chandanagar: 28 km

Nallagandla: 30 km

Miyapur: 33 km

Gachibowli: 36-40 km

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