“East…Always Moving Towards Excellence!”

Our mission is to work with the school community to provide a safe educational environment where students are stimulated to become lifelong learners, equipped with the knowledge and analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills to meet the demands of college and/or careers as informed citizens in a globally competitive market.

Greetings Raider parents, guardians, and friends,

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  

I would like to give a special Shout-Out to Mrs. Jennifer Groff for her genuine acts of kindness.  Mrs. Groff is the person behind our beautiful front entrance decorations.  Mrs. Groff provided the bales of hay and pumpkins to give East a family feel for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I appreciate all of her efforts!  Thank you too to Mr. Joseph Garcia for his efforts supporting Mrs. Groff!

Please check out our PTO Section!  We are holding a small event before the game Friday evening!

Week in Review

Mrs. Casey Daniel and her wonderful Journalism Staff are thrilled to venture in the social media world updating parents on East daily activities.  Please check us out on Instagram (Tretoday_TheRaiderWay), Facebook (Tretoday_TheRaiderWay), Twitter (Tretoday_TheRaiderWay) and Website (Tretoday_Theraiderway.wordpress.com).  Emails to Mrs. Daniel can be sent to Tretodaytheraiderway@gmail.com).  Our daily Bulletin will be posted on our school website each day.

We held our District Professional Development Day on Monday.  The theme centered on a holistic approach to education.  We were provided the opportunity to pick topics related to social-emotional learning and the impacts on student achievement.  I went to two topics on cognitive development and another two on how to more effectively utilize data to guide instruction and improve achievement.  Overall, a very productive day.  I am sure the kids enjoyed the long weekend!

On Tuesday, our School Improvement Committee met after school to discuss integrating our monthly character pillar (Respect) into our various subcommittee activities.  Our Attendance Committee is looking to provide our staff with instructional strategies which foster active student participation in the classroom setting.  Our Behavior Committee developed the monthly character lesson which all Period 2 teachers will provide our students.  They are also developing a campaign for the remainder of the month to foster respect for school policies, particularly in relation to electronics.  Our Climate Committee is going to implement a staff activity this month which will foster respectful acknowledgement of colleague achievements.  Our College and Career Committee is lining a guest speaker from Monmouth University to present on the importance of good character in the college application process.  The speaker will inform the students what colleges look for in individuals and how character plays an important role in being accepted to various institutions.  Our Community Outreach Committee is in the process of setting up our student tutoring and big buddy system with East Dover Elementary.  Our Curriculum Committee will be sharing out on various behavioral modification tips to support respectful classroom environments.

The PSAT was administered to all freshmen, sophomore, and interested juniors Wednesday morning.  I would like to thank all of our students and our staff for their patience in the process as the test took several hours to complete.  Special thanks to Mrs. Marci Brush and Mrs. Gina Taaffe for their efforts to provide health and wellness information to our seniors and select juniors.  Our Freshman Academy teachers met after school and discussed Field Day.  The group developed the activities and scoring process to determine a winner at the conclusion of the event.  

Our 10th graders participated in a workshop, Oh The Places You Will Go, throughout the day on Thursday.  The objective of the workshop was to educate our students on alcohol, marijuana, and opioids abuse.  Thank you to Mrs. Dawn Aulisi for her continued efforts to keep our students informed.  I met with Mrs. Rachel Hay and Mrs. Stacey Nadeau, our Peer Leader Advisors, Thursday afternoon to discuss our various upcoming activities.  The goal is to begin the process of having our students become leaders and advocates for their personal outcomes.  I look forward to implementing the various activities in the coming weeks.  

On Friday, I spent most of the day in the hallways and in classrooms recognizing students and staff on their wonderful accomplishments.  Our Band paraded through the hallways Friday afternoon in support of our Homecoming game Friday evening!  I always enjoying hearing the drums and observing the school spirit!  Great job to our football team, Band, and cheerleaders for their efforts Friday night at the game.  All the kids did a tremendous job supporting our victory over Pinelands.  Special thanks to our Raider Nation for demonstrating their pride in our school through positive behavior at the game.  Thank you to the parents who offered to drive our Homecoming nominees at the game and our Band parents for volunteering their time to always support our children.  I am more than aware that without the parents, we would not be able to effectively run our program – so thank you!

We held our Homecoming Dance (Aliens) Saturday evening without incident.  I had a wonderful time and I really enjoyed watching the kids have so much fun.  The kids were very well behaved!  Great job cheerleaders and parents for organizing the event and supporting throughout the evening!  You all did a tremendous job!  I have one complaint though…why OB-CO donuts?  They are my favorite and I couldn’t control myself.  I had to run a few extra miles on Sunday to work off all the calories!

Congratulations to our boys soccer team for their impressive overtime victory over Freehold Township Saturday morning!  Our boys are moving on to Round 2 and will play the #1 seed (Holmdel) in the SCT on Wednesday.  Good luck Coach Konopka.  Great job to the Band Saturday evening as they placed 4th out of 8 Saturday at their competition!  Coach Sanford was very pleased with the performance!  Congratulations to our tennis team for their victory over Central this past week!  Our volleyball team beat HS South and Brick Township for a very good week!  Great job also to our gymnastics team for their win at Brick Township this week!  Keep up the great work Coach O’Donnell!

Congratulations to Ms. Amy Stack for being selected as our Employee of the Week.  Ms. Stack was selected by Mr. Tom Trotta for her devotion to the overall development of her students.  Ms. Stack teaches our 18-21 Special Needs Program and is a first year teacher at East.  In her short time, she has demonstrated the ideals inherent in a Raider staff member and we are very happy to have Ms. Stack on our staff!  Keep up the great work!    

Congratulations to Vincent Rotondo and Aimee Skweres for being named as our October Seniors of the Month.  Vincent is in the top 20 of his senior class.  He is described by his teachers as incredibly talented, hardworking, spirited, kind, motivated, and helpful.  He is involved in various clubs and activities inside and outside of the school environment.  He is our Student Body President, plays varsity tennis, a member of TEAM, NHS, History Club (President), and the voice of our morning announcements.  He also leads the percussion band as the captain.  Vinny has perfect attendance for the past 7 years!  Aimee is in the top 30 of her senior class.  She has earned all A’s and A+’s during the past two years.  She is a true role model at East.  She has earned the Academic Excellence Award three years in a row.  She is the Vice-President of the Interact Club, leads the Robotics Team and is a member of NHS.  She is also a student athlete and has played softball and volleyball for the Raiders.  She is described by her teachers as organized, reliable, and committed.  She was recently our lead presenter on our “I Rise to Learn” Lecture Series.  Congratulations Vinny and Aimee for being positive reflections of our school community.  

Congratulations to former Raider, Mr. Rob Roma, for his promotion to Major in the New Jersey National Guard.  Mr. Roma was a long serving physical education teacher and track coach at East.  Mr. Roma led his Cross Country, Indoor Track and Outdoor Track teams to various team and individual honors.  He is a person of integrity and we are pleased for his success!  Thank you Major Roma for your service to our country.  I attended the ceremony and was very proud of his accomplishment.

Thank you to Damon Clayton, Angelo Scala, Colin Mirabile, and Jake Raimonde for being names Respectful Raiders this past week!  Damon offered to help a visitor carry equipment to Guidance.  Angelo found a wallet and turned it into the Main Office.  Colin found a lost phone and Jake found money in the cafeteria – all of which were turned in to the Main Office!  Thank you Damon, Angelo, Colin, and Jake for being positive reflections of our school community!

As part of our 180 Days of Excellence, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of Mrs. Brianne Sandberg, Mrs. Noel Aliseo, Mrs. Amanda Lendach, and Mrs. Christie Maguire for all of their hard work coordinating the Homecoming Dance.  The decorations were beautiful and the event well organized!  I would also like to acknowledge our Head Custodian, Mr. Mike Yost, for all of his efforts to set up the cafeteria and support all of the needs for the dance!  I would like to acknowledge the efforts of our Attendance Officer, Mrs. Kristi Koskowski for all of her efforts to support positive school attendance!  Mrs. Koskowski works extremely hard holding students accountable to school expectations while providing the appropriate support to meet individual student needs when necessary.  

Did You Know?

Freshman Academy/STEAM

Mr. Kevin McCann met with Academy teachers regarding the Field Day preparations for the competition to be held on October 26th.  Good luck to our three teams!  STEAM parents, please check out our bi-weekly newsletter for program updates.  

Mr. McCann will be meeting with Dr. Marc Natanagara and Ms. Norma DeNoia this week regarding course sequencing.  Ms. Amanda Gregorek is in the process of planning field trips and scheduling guest speakers.

Attendance Matters

The following article was taken from (https://work.chron.com/importance-attendance-work-ethics-5082.html).

Importance of Attendance in Work Ethics

by Jane Smith; Updated July 01, 2018

Those attendance awards you received as far back as preschool had a purpose: Helping you develop a work ethic of showing up ready to take on whatever challenges came your way. Whether you just started your first paying job or you have spent years in the workforce, being there on time and ready to work feeds your success. Good attendance means more than just getting your body in the seat, though. You must be mentally and emotionally present as well.

Attendance and Punctuality

A saying in the telemarketing world goes, "Early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable." Good attendance does not mean sliding through the door at five minutes past the hour. Plan your commute to work by giving yourself enough time to ensure that family needs, traffic jams and weather alerts do not make you late.


Use the restroom, start your computer and arrange your desk so that everything you need lays within reach. Make coffee or whatever beverage fuels your morning productivity.

Discuss the day's most urgent tasks with your supervisor and look after issues carried over from yesterday first. By the time your supervisor starts the morning meeting, you should have any minor issues resolved.


Only 15 percent of workers worldwide report feeling enthusiastic about and highly involved in their workplace. Sometimes disengaged employees do not show up for work, which creates stress for those who value good attendance. Stress creates resentment and chips away at morale. Chronic absenteeism leads to a vicious cycle of covering for missing teammates, resentment about taking on everyone else's responsibilities, illness and even more stress. This can take a toll on even the most dedicated employees who find they need to take a day off due to exhaustion and exasperation.


This is the habit of coming to work sick, exhausted, hungover or distracted by family responsibilities to the point of being unable to carry out your duties. Employees worked while sick on more than 57 days in 2015. Lost productivity cost companies more than $1.5 trillion worldwide. Presenteeism creates several workplace hazards. Inattentive workers have more accidents, have difficulty getting along with co-workers and management and put co-workers and the public at risk for infectious diseases.

Presenteeism also happens when workers feel pressured to come to work before they regain full health. They may be short of money from too many lost work days. They may also be part of a toxic work culture that does not value the well-being of employees. Presenteeism can put the public at risk if the employee cares for children or the elderly, works in food service or works as a nurse.

Why Does Attendance Matter?

Even if you have a dead-end job, your good attendance and punctuality may give you a ladder to a better position. Poor attendance puts pressure on co-workers and managers when they must take on your responsibilities in addition to their own. When you show up for work on time every day with a happy, positive attitude, you help raise morale and increase productivity. When bonuses or raises are possible, your ethical attendance record can be worth hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars, either as wages and salary or in the form of a new, better-paying job.

Character Counts

Congratulations to Bianca Correa and Isabella Ghanbary for being acknowledged as our Character Counts Students of the Month for September.  Bianca kindly purchased a pumpkin for a staff member’s child after hearing a story how the child was very upset that the pumpkin had rotted and had to be thrown away.  Great job Bianca – proud of you!  Isabella was selected by her peers for her devotion to spreading kindness throughout the building.  Isabella demonstrates a positive outlook on life and encourages others to do the same!  Both Bianca and Isabella received our prestigious Character Counts t-shirt and pin.  Thank you both for being such positive reflections of our school community.

Tips to Improve School Outcomes

An important ingredient in the growth mindset model is self-reflection.  Below are a series of questions to engage your child to support higher order thinking skills.  

I will include another 5 questions in next week’s Newsletter to support your conversations at home.  The questions were collected from the below website:


Café Corner!

Are you aware that you can now set up an account for cafeteria purchases?  Log onto WWW.schoolcafe.com.  Click on create an account.  Once the account is set up you should be able to add a student.  Use your school issued ID number with an 8 in front.  For example, if your ID number is 12345 you would enter 812345.  You will also be able to access ingredients and nutritional information for any meal.  If your short on time at lunch, stop in the cafeteria at any time and make a salad or sandwich.  The cafeteria staff will be happy to keep it refrigerated until you are ready for it. 



With the beginning of any new year, I want our parents to support the expectations to come to school every day, be on time, and prepared to learn.  Being prepared to learn implies you respect your peers, teachers, school policies, yourself, and do your best!  Please be respectful of our school dress code, attendance, and behavior policies.  Please speak to your child about earbuds and cell phones, they are not permitted and are viewed as a sign of disrespect.

This Week at East

Mrs. Sentaura will be presenting to our students on the Move Over Law in Health Classes Monday and Tuesday.  Our Peer Leaders will be working with our Freshman Academy students in lunches this week on applying the growth mindset concepts.  We are holding Bus Evacuation Drills on Tuesday to provide support for our riders on how to evacuate a bus in emergency situations.  Our Attendance Committee will be holding our monthly Attendance Hearings on Wednesday for students who are not compliant for our district attendance expectations.  Ocean County College will be presenting a workshop this week on the college application process.  Our Spanish Heritage club is hosting an evening Genesis training session at 6:30 pm Thursday.


The College 101 workshop is on Wednesday, 10/17 for seniors during PE classes.  Volunteer hours need to be submitted at the end of every month.  Please drop off your community service card in Guidance.  The Ocean County Library is having a financial aid seminar on October 16th at 7pm at the Toms River branch.  The registration deadline for the December 1st SAT is 11/2/18.  Register at www.collegeboard.org.  The registration deadline for the December 8th ACT is 11/2/18.  Register at www.actstudent.org.  The Job Opportunity board has been updated.  Check out what stores are hiring.  College/University representatives are coming to HSE to conduct information sessions.  Please sign up in Guidance.

Please join our district Makerfest on October 20th between 10 am and 4 pm at the RWJ Barnabas Health Arena.  The Makerfest will be our 4th annual event!  Great job Dr. Marc Natanagara for all your efforts to promote science, engineering, math, and technology!


The TRHSE PTO and Bubbakoos on Fischer Blvd are hosting a tailgate before the TR East Football against TR North this Friday night, 10/19 from 5:30 - 6:30 pm on the TRE Patio next to the Cafetorium.  Come out prior to the game where Bubbakoos will provide free 1/2 burritos (while they last), coupons, and prizes.  We will have games, music, and raffles for sale.

The next PTO meeting is Tuesday November 9th at 6:00 pm in the TRHSE PTO.  Join the PTO Remind - text @ah89ee to 81010.  We will use remind for event and meeting reminders.  Our email address is trhsepto@gmail.com, Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/trhsepto and find us on instagram @ tomsriverhse.pto.


I would like to thank The Olive Garden for their continued support of High School East.  We have received several lunches in recognition of the efforts our staff make to support student achievement.  Thank you Olive Garden, we appreciate you!

Special thanks to our anonymous donors for our Raise Craze Fundraiser!  The donors purchased a 43” LCD Smart Television to auction off in support of our goal to promote positive school behavior!  Thank you!

I would like to thank Douglas and Mary Fantuzzi for their generous donation to our Robotics Club – Short Circuits.  Our Robotics Club growth is dependent upon the acquisition of funds from various community sponsors.  On behalf of Mrs. Suzanne Signorelli and Mr. Walt Patelunas, I would like to personally thank you for your support of our program.  

I would like to thank CBJ Farms for donating the shrubs/plants for the front entrance of our building for our beautification project.  CBJ Farms is located on 36 Newbold Lane in Chesterfield, New Jersey.  The phone number is (609) 291-9292.  

I would like to thank Chris Rampone for his continued support of our school’s educational incentives to improve school achievement.  Mr. Rampone has generously donated thousands of dollars in coupons to his Jersey Mike’s Subs establishments in Toms River.  Chris is committed to supporting our initiative to improve school achievement through positive school behavior and attendance.  Thank you Chris for all you are doing for East and our community!  

I would like to thank Morano Tours for donating $300 to our school account in support of our attendance and character initiatives.  Thank you Bill Morano your generosity.  The funds will be used to purchase certificates, shirts, and other gifts during our monthly student drawings.  Check out his website, Moranotours.net or call to make a reservation at (732) 237-9977.  Bill was a former teacher at East and is personally connected to our community.

I would also like to thank our wonderful partner, Thompson Health Care, for providing the staff with breakfast on our first day of school.  Thompson Health Care has volunteered to provide food, speakers, and other school-related services in support of our school vision and mission.  Thompson Health Care provides chiropractic, sports rehabilitation, acupuncture, physical therapy, medical pain management and medical weight loss to their patients.


Mr. Thomas, Principal

We at High School East


Anchored in Integrity,

Devoted to Excellence,


Focused on results:

well educated and highly ethical graduates.