Book on Board

Did you know that booking your next cruise while on board is often the best way to get the best deal that might otherwise be unavailable?  

Some additional incentives onboard can include:

If you decide to book on board, our office will be notified and credited immediately.   However, it is important to mention that we have changed some of our agency credentials, so please notify the on board sales counselor and present them with this letter so that they have the new details.

Ask them to please put this booking under your advisors name and email, but for the email please use [your_advisor’s_first_name(michael, troy, tom, kelly, Jane)]; the agency phone number 843-279-0310; and if asked, the Nexion IATA 45613433.   [Because we are changing from Cruise Planners, these numbers may be different information than what your current booking is under - and therefore different than what the on board sales counselor can see].   If you must leave it under the existing credentials, that’s ok - we can fix it when you get home with an Agency Transfer..

When you return, please send your MGA Travel advisor the confirmation number you received when you booked on board to ensure that the onboard sales counselor did everything properly and that our agency can review for accuracy and properly service your reservation.

Thank you!


Michael W. Graham

President, MGA Travel

Michael Graham & Associates  | Salem Shoppes #1  | 10764 SC 707, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588  | 843.279.0310 |