๐žธ† Fillerย needs to be something they can scoop and pour [pick one]:

๐žธ† Secondary fillerย something they can manipulate [pick one]:


๐žธ† Santa

๐žธ† Sleigh

๐žธ† Elves

๐žธ† Christmas house

๐žธ† Reindeer

๐žธ† Snowpeople

๐žธ† Styrofoam balls & toothpicks to make

ย  ย  snowpeople

๐žธ† Christmas trees

๐žธ† Mini nutcrackers

Themed Other:

๐žธ† Pinecones

๐žธ† Christmas ornaments

๐žธ† Garland

๐žธ† Light string

๐žธ† Bell

๐žธ† Jingle bells

๐žธ† Stars

๐žธ† Snowflakes

๐žธ† Candy canes

๐žธ† Bows

๐žธ† Mini wreaths

๐žธ† Felt shapes to decorate trees and wreaths

๐žธ† Mini stockings

๐žธ† Small canvas "Santa" bags

๐žธ† Small toys for bags and stockings

๐žธ† Black stones for lumps of coal

๐žธ† Block painted up as fireplace

๐žธ† Poinsettia silk flowers

๐žธ† Holly silk flowers

๐žธ† Mini presents

๐žธ† Snowman hats

๐žธ† Green feather "Grinch fur"

๐žธ† Mini drums

๐žธ† Gingerbread house(s)

๐žธ† Themed buttons like snowmen, gingerbread

ย  ย  men, etc.

๐žธ† Themed erasers

๐žธ† Themed confetti

๐žธ† Themed fabric pieces

๐žธ† Cinnamon sticks

๐žธ† Christmas cookie cutters

๐žธ† Pretend Christmas cookies/candy

๐žธ† Icicles

Non-themed Other:

Red, green, white, gold or silver:

๐žธ† Pom poms and/or balls

๐žธ† String or yarn

๐žธ† Straw pieces

๐žธ† Pipe cleaners

๐žธ† Buttons, beads

๐žธ† Fabric pieces

๐žธ† Plastic gems

๐žธ† Glass gems

๐žธ† Feathers

๐žธ† Red or green craft sticksย 

๐žธ† Red or green milk jug lidsย 

๐žธ† Silver juice can lids to use as ornaments or

ย  ย  cookie traysย 


๐žธ† Tongs

๐žธ† Scoops

๐žธ† Measuring cups

๐žธ† Funnels

๐žธ† Mini rake

๐žธ† Mini shovel

๐žธ† Sifter

๐žธ† Magnifying glass

๐žธ† Magnet wand

๐žธ† Buckets

๐žธ† Cups/containers

๐žธ† Small pitcher

๐žธ† Egg cups

๐žธ† Yogurt cups

๐žธ† Kid chopsticks

๐žธ† Kid tweezers

๐žธ† Ruler

๐žธ† Flashlight

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