Here is the link to log in.

  1.  If you have an account from a previous year, please sign in with that information and skip to #5.  If not, on the right side of the screen under the words New User? Click on the blue link that says here.
  2. Fill in the boxes as instructed.  
  1. User ID:  use your email address
  2. Create a password with 8 characters – it must include at least 1 number and 1 letter
  3. Write down your USERNAME AND PASSWORD exactly like you entered it in the computer.
  1.  After you create an account, the computer will take you back to the login screen.  It should say:  Registration successful.  Please use your login information to login to the WorkSpace.
  2. Use your new login information that you just created and enter it on the left side of the screen then press Login.
  3. On the next screen, you will click on Online Applications on the left side, 2nd box.
  4. The computer will move to the next screen and you will scroll down near the bottom and click the button next to Volunteers.
  5. Then click on Start Application at the very bottom of the screen.
  6. The next screen to come up will be dark blue on the left side with yellow, red, and green buttons.  The right side of the screen will be light blue.
  7. Click on the Continue button in the light blue section to begin your application.
  8. The first section is the Contact Information – Name & E-mail
  1. Last Name:  REQUIRED
  2. Suffix:   (Ex.  Jr, Sr, III)
  3. Middle Initial:
  4. First Name:   REQUIRED
  5. Former Last Name(s):  
  6. Email address:
  7. SSN:
  8. Date of Birth:  MM/DD/YYYY   REQUIRED
  9. Then press Continue
  1. The next section is the Contact Information – Present Address
  1. Address:  REQUIRED
  2. City:  REQUIRED
  3. State:  REQUIRED
  4. Country:
  5. Zip Code:  REQUIRED
  6. Home Phone:
  7. School/Business Phone:
  8. Cell Phone:
  9. Then press Continue

  1. The next screen is Program/Campus Preferences
  1. Click the first button that says I am registering as a campus volunteer
  2. Do not click the 2nd button
  3. In the drop down boxes on the right side, please select up to 3 schools where you have children and would like to volunteer.  You can select only 1 school if you only have children at 1 school.  Click the down arrow to see a list of schools.  
  4. Click the button YES or NO to answer the question “Have you ever been employed by the Corpus Christi ISD?”  If YES, please state position(s) and date(s).  REQUIRED
  5. Click Continue
  1.  The next section is the AGREEMENT
  1. Read the information
  2. Type your Social Security number in the box (NO DASHES)  REQUIRED
  3. Type YES in the box if you agree to the information above.  REQUIRED
  4. Click Continue
  1.  The computer will change to a white screen where the light blue screen was.  On the left hand side there will be a button at the bottom that says Print Form.  DO NOT PRESS THAT BUTTON.
  2. On the left side of the screen, click on the word Submit.
  3. The screen on the right will turn back to light blue.  There will be a button in a gray box that says Submit Application.  Press the Submit Application button.
  4. The computer will go through a checklist of things to process your application.
  5. Then you should see a white screen that says “Your registration has been successfully submitted.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail shortly if you provided a valid email address.  Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Corpus Christi ISD.  If you need to make any changes to the information you entered, visit and under Employment area login with your USER ID and password.  This information is contained in the registration email sent to your indicated e-mail address.”  Press the Return to WorkSpace button.
  6. In the top right hand corner, press logout.
  7. Then close the browser by pressing the X at the top right hand corner.

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