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Experience Matters, Honesty and Integrity Matters

Why Choose Podojil & Associates Incorporated As Your Preferred Consulting Company?  Because Podojil & Associates, Incorporated is considered a world leading resource for the development, implementation and improvement of management systems to reduce business risk associated with safety, health and environmental management programs and systems.

 Podojil & Associates Incorporated delivers value and solutions to support all phases of Safety, Health & Environmental program implementation.  Podojil & Associates Incorporated is flexible enough to provide the on-going support and level of involvement that best fits your Safety, Health & Environmental (SHE) management requirements, desires and budgets.

 Podojil & Associates Incorporated staff is available to advise, assist and assess with:

​​So....Why Choose  Podojil & Associates Incorporated?

Benefit from OSHA Experience and Knowledge.

Experience Matters

 Podojil & Associates Incorporated was originally founded by John F. Podojil retired from the Boeing Company where he held the position as Corporate Manager of Safety, Health & Environmental Technical Support for the entire Boeing Company and its subsidiaries.  Podojil also held position of Training & Audit Program manager for the Department of the Navy and has also worked as a senior compliance officer from the U.S. Department of  Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Podojil & Associates Incorporated and its team of experts are uniquely qualified to develop and administer occupational safety and health training programs and courses for companies, unions, workers and trainer credentials for safety, health & environmental professionals.  

 Podojil & Associates Incorporated team has held senior course chair positions for Four (4) Leading OSHA TRAINING INSTITUTE EDUCATIONAL CENTERS (OTIEC).   Podojil & Associates Incorporated developed, established and taught educational programs for four (4) OSHA TRAINING INSTITUTE EDUCATIONAL CENTERS (OTIEC).  Not many in this business can make this statement.    

Our company provides Safety, Health & Environmental Audits and Risk Assessments for Both Construction & General Industry.    

Not only are we considered experts in the safety, health & environmental field, we are the Industry Experts for Machine Safeguarding & Remediation.  Do Not Be Fooled by Others Stating that They Know This Subject.  Our Consultants Are Very Experienced in Working with Both Union and Non-Union Employees.  

Podojil & Associates Incorporated Believes "It Is Either Safe or It Is Unsafe".