This Procedure is offered as a Guideline for responding to situations which an armed

intruder has entered the building and a Lock Down is deemed necessary.

1. ANNOUNCE: School personnel shall make an announcement over the Public

Address (“P.A.”) system:

“Please initiate emergency lockdown procedures”

(repeated 2 times)

(a) Once Lockdown commences, ONLY Police personnel will be permitted to

enter the school until the Lockdown is lifted!

Teacher & Staff Responsibilities

2. Classroom Teachers:

(a) Immediately go to your doorway, take in any students who are in the hall

close to your classroom and close and lock the classroom door –nobody will

enter or leave the room for any reason after the door is closed.

(b) Ensure that students are as safe as possible – keep students away from, and

below the level of, windows and doors and other exposed areas, close curtains

& blinds.

(c) Prohibit use by students of all communications devices, including phones and

computers. Keep everyone as quiet and calm as possible.

(d) Do not respond to anyone outside your classroom. A lock down will only be

lifted by police. Do not respond to anyone outside your classroom and do not

unlock the door at the request of a person outside of your door

(e) Open the Emergency Responder Icon in Google and open a new email. In the

Subject Heading enter your room number, your name, the names of students

who are unaccounted for and the names of students that you have taken in. An

example of the subject line would be Rm 201, Jennifer Gibbons, Missing:

Brandon Harvey, Extra: Alyssa Evans, April O’Keefe.

Send this email to Emergency Responder

(f) Ignore school bells, fire alarms and announcements until the Lockdown is


3. Special Areas within the School:

a. All students in the Gymnasium shall be moved into the girls change room. After

securing the doors, teachers in the Gymnasium and Music room will approach each

other through the stage entrance to ensure that the other has heard the “Lock Down”

announcement. They will then return to their students and if possible report

attendance on the Emergency Responder.

b. Students in the Cafeteria shall be moved behind the food-serving line into the

Kitchen area. Kitchen staff shall immediately turn off all cooking equipment and

other items which might pose a hazard, and shall otherwise make the location safe.

c. Students in the Courtyard shall be directed into the Biology Laboratory by the

Biology Teacher.

d. Field Trips: Teachers will inform the office prior to a field trip and will leave a

cell phone number that can be used to contact them. If informed of a lockdown, the

teacher will ensure that the students are together, safe and do not return to school

e. LRC: All students will be moved to the “Local Literature” section and instructed

to sit quietly on the floor.

4. Student Responsibilities

- Cooperate immediately with teacher requests and directives.

- If you are in the hallway quickly go to the nearest open classroom door. The

supervising teacher will bring you into the classroom and will ask your name.

- If all classroom doors are closed do not knock on doors and do not wander. Find the

closest vacant room and remain there.

- Remain calm and follow teacher instructions.

- If you are in a classroom, position yourself within the classroom as per teacher


- Stay away from windows.

- Remain quiet

- Do not use electronic devices.