2020 Surgery Fund Instruction Packet

This Instruction Packet will walk you through every question in our application form, so that you may have ample time to think about your responses before you begin.

It’s our goal this gives every applicant an equal opportunity to carefully prepare responses and submit a quality application.

Important Notes:

General Information

US-Based Applicants Only

International Applicants Only

Information About Your Surgery

The questions below regarding savings, health insurance coverage, or your preferred surgeon will not impact your likelihood to receive funding. We ask these questions in case we are able to connect you with other resources and opportunities. Please answer as honestly as you can.

Demographic Information

The demographic info collected in this section helps us identify additional grant and partnership opportunities, and better serve our applicants and community in the future. Your responses will not affect your eligibility for this (or any other) Point of Pride program. It is for statistical use only.

Short Answer Responses

In the last section of the application, you will complete four short answer responses. These questions are highlighted below. Please read the notes and explanation beneath each question, so you understand what our reviewers are looking for.

Please note: This is not an English test. We will NOT consider grammar/spelling or writing ability when reviewing your responses. We just ask you to be as specific, detailed, and complete as you are able to be within the character limits.

  1. Describe your current financial situation. (800 character limit)
    This question impacts our decision-making process more than any other response. We ask this question to understand the expenses and circumstances that have created your financial need, as well as the lack of access to outside financial resources. Examples of what you can discuss here are:
  1. Describe all attempts you have made before to afford gender-affirming care, including savings, fundraising, or insurance. (800 character limit)
    We ask this question to understand what steps you have taken in your health care journey and that you fully understand the financial roadblocks unique to your situation. Examples of what you can discuss here are:

  1. Describe your support system. Tell us about the people in your life who you lean on for support. (800 character limit)
    Who are the close, affirming family or friends who will be there for you during and after surgery? We ask this question to understand your living environment and support network, and understand whether your environment is stable to assist in your recovery. You can tell us about how they have supported or intend to support you in the future, and what they mean to you.

  2. Tell us something else about yourself. (800 character limit)
    Each of us is so much more than just our trans identity. We ask this question because we want to have a better understanding of who you are as a person. What makes you, you? Examples of what you can discuss here are:

Apply Now

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Reminder: the form deadline is Saturday, November 30, 2019 at 11:59PM EST.
Absolutely no applications will be accepted after this time.