Alto Artists’ Studio Tour
Spotlighting Artist Sally Wimberly

“Sally’s pet portraits capture every detail of a pet’s personality,” says Alto resident and patron Lisa Fraley.  Inquiring how Sally began a piece, Lisa learned that Sally’s portraits begin with the eyes because they are the most expressive feature on the dog’s face.  Lisa marvels, “Bubba was done in pastels and every time I see the portrait on my wall, it’s so realistic, it’s like looking directly into the soul of my dog.”

How Sally developed her art was slowly realized.  Although her mother was a very talented quilt artist and Sally always drew pictures as a child, like many skilled artists, Sally’s passion conflicted with lack of time and finances.  As a working mom, she was provided rare opportunity to grow her passion.

As her daughter aged, a friend convinced Sally to attend a once-a-week watercolor class in Alamogordo.  She was hooked.  She wanted to learn more and enrolled in a weekly art class at Eastern New Mexico University trying various media, exploring not only watercolor but also pastels and acrylics.  She had found her passion and allotted time into her busy schedule.

As Sally developed her talent, she was driven to keep learning and growing.  Today Sally’s artistic diversity allows her to explore not only pet portraits but landscapes and still lifes in vibrant color and technique.  Her very popular artwork is evidence of her joy in making a subject come to life.