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Design Team:

        Design team has completed designs for the gear lift, cannon, and the intake system. The robot’s assembly was also imported into Unity game engine.

Fabrication Team:

        The construction of the this season’s robot has started and will be finished by the end of this week. Fabrication was able to follow Design’s plans accurately and precisely. A mock version of the pit that the team will get at competition was created. This is to have our members be trained for fabrication during competition.

Programming Team:

        This was Programming’s no sleep only robotics week, where they made significant progress in completing both teleop and autonomous modes. Programming is also able to work on their code after build season ends.

Marketing Team:

        Marketing is working on getting shirts for the team through Slicart. Social media was getting updated at a more frequent rate. Posters were being prepared for competition and the most current photo book had been completed.



Design Team: Fixing the Smaller Errors

        The design of the new robot was completed recently and only needed to be revised in order to have the new robot be closer to an ideal design. Design Team worked on the gear lift to make sure it works and can be repaired easily. The cannon is functional and the chance of it breaking is very low. In order to collect the fuel, which are whiffle balls, a passive collection system was created. Several members of Design had worked together to solve the problem of climbing a rope for extra points; The rope ascender is a very special part of the robot. The team was also able to finish their design in SolidWorks, Unity, and Keyshot.


Design Pictures:



Fabrication Team: Robot Has Been Assembled

        At the beginning of this week Fabrication Team started to make the new robot’s drive base. Towards the end of this week, the final parts of the robot were put together according to Design’s specifications. Over time, Fabrication had put measured out a mock pit to give the team an accurate feel for the area allotted to us at competition. This is to keep the team updated on how they need to act at competition.


Fabrication Pictures:




Programming Team: RobotMap.h

        The ones making the robot work are Programming Team. Over the course of these 6 weeks, this week especially, Programming has gone through the hardship of coding a robot they don’t have. A questionnaire made by Programming went out to other teams to figure out specifics of the robot’s ideal functions. Most of Programming’s work is done and only requires bug fixes and will be done when the robot is finished. This final week for coding the robot was for autonomous and teleop mode, most of which is near completion. Fortunately, coding the robot is allowed to be continued after build season.

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Programming Pictures:

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 16.40.55.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-15 at 10.18.37.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 16.55.58.png


Marketing Team: Reaching Out to Others

        Marketing Team has been responsible for most of our supporters choosing us instead of others teams. They have worked on getting the company Slicart to make our System Overload shirts at a heavily discounted rate. Posters were created that can be used for both Mardi Gras Night and at Competition. Due to the increase in the recent work from other teams, Marketing was able to put out a larger amount in social media content. A photo book for all of build season was put together and will be released soon after build season ends. Marketing has expanded its outreach efforts by putting out weekly newsletters as well.