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Social Media messaging - #StopArmingSaudi
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It’s time for Canada to #StopArmingSaudi.

Help us spread the word. Here are sample social media messages.

We’ve just publicly named 28 companies across Canada involved in the arms trade to Saudi Arabia. It's despicable for Canadian companies to be profiting off of arming the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet in Yemen. Canada—time to #StopArmingSaudi. #YemenCantWait

.@JustinTrudeau - we delivered this letter signed by 68 groups, repping 1mil people, to your office on March 1. You’ve been ignoring us for over two years. It’s time for answers & action. #StopArmingSaudi right now. #YemenCantWait

We’re a proud signatory of this letter naming the Canadian government and 28 companies’ complicity in the war on Yemen. Canada must #StopArmingSaudi immediately and expand humanitarian aid for the people of Yemen. #YemenCantWait

On Feb 4 Biden announced the US would freeze all US arms sales to Saudi Arabia and end US support for the Saudi-led war on Yemen. Germany & Italy have halted arms trade to SA too. @JustinTrudeau — your turn. #StopArmingSaudi #YemenCantWait #cdnpoli

.@JustinTrudeau—over 2 years you've received multiple letters in which dozens of groups repping millions have repeatedly demanded Canada #StopArmingSaudi. We've petitioned, presented, protested, blocked arms. We've gotten NO ANSWER. Tell us—who do you answer to, who do you serve?

At the same time last week that activists delivered a letter to Trudeau demanding Canada #StopArmingSaudi, Minister @karinagould says “We must do everything possible” to help Yemen, announces $69.9mil in aid. A DROP IN THE BUCKET compared to the BILLIONS in arms we sell.

DYK that Canada is a leading weapons supplier to Saudi Arabia, and that Canadian companies are currently profiting from arming the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet in Yemen? DYK Canada is the second-largest arms supplier to the entire Middle East? #CanadaStopArmingSaudi