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1.        Purpose

The Board recognizes the need for insurance coverage for unforeseen accidents that may occur to students in the course of attendance at school or participation in the athletic and extracurricular programs of the schools.

2.        Authority

The Board shall provide parents/guardians the opportunity to purchase insurance coverage, at no cost to the Board, for injury to the students resulting from accidents in any activity during school hours and/or any activity round-the-clock.

The premium will be paid by the parents/guardians.

        Pol. 123

Medical insurance is required of all interscholastic sport participants. All such participants must maintain medical coverage either as part of their family policy or by enrolling in the student insurance program.

        SC 511

The Board shall maintain insurance coverage by a qualified insurer over and above the first responsibility of family coverage at no cost to the student for injury resulting from accidents sustained while participating in an interscholastic program of varsity football.

3.        Delegation of         Responsibility

The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible to:

  1. Prepare specifications and secure suitable coverage from qualified insurance carriers for recommendation and Board approval.

  1. Notify all students and parents/guardians of students who may be eligible for insurance.

School Code


  1. Ascertain that where the Board assumes the full cost of insurance, each eligible student is properly insured.

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