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What're the rules of .win?

We try to stay hands off for the benefit of the community. Use your best judgement.

Mail Bag

The email address for the GOML Mail Bag is

Call In Number

The phone number to call into the live show is 718-400-6959.

Live Show Time

The live show is now on Wednesday evenings at (about) 9pm EST.

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Who is Gavin McInnes?

Don’t bother reading his Wiki. Gavin is considered the “Godfather of hipsterdom”, two time immigrant from both England and Canada, entrepreneur, writer and cartoonist. He takes pride in being fired from numerous jobs but has been very successful with some of his business endeavors. He is most well known as a co-founder of VICE (though he left the company in 2008) and the founder of the Proud Boys men’s group. He has been banned from almost all social media yet continues to gain attention and viewership on his latest network, Censored.TV.

Who is Ryan and how did he meet Gavin?

Ryan Katsu Rivera, the thirty-something half-Japanese, half-Puerto Rican proprietor of “The Fag Zone” was abandoned by his hair stylist father at a young age. He is a failed comedian who specializes in impressions and, despite being $12,000 in debt, he has managed to successfully run TFZ (as he refers to it) to bed many NY men. Ryan used to work for Compound Media doing satiric reporting as “Asian Pat Dixon” for the New York City Crime Report and claims to have learned some production basics there. When Gavin’s previous producer, Dave, was poached from GOML by a larger network for being a capable employee, Ryan weaseled his way into the position. Ryan has been the main producer, editor and telecaster monkey for years and still is totally incapable of performing his job duties to any adequate level. Gavin continually has to micromanage Ryan’s work, telling him how to do the simplest things over and over again, while Ryan offers excuses as to why he wasn’t wrong in the first place. Outside of work, however, Ryan’s personality begins to marginally justify his existence with his funny impressions and musical talent, but that’s about it. The pair spend a significant amount of their time together, sharing baths and pressing Ryan’s face into Gavin’s sunburnt belly, and we predict the duo will remain close friends sharing libations and karaoke songs for years to come.

Proud Boys

Gavin did found the Proud Boys in 2016, and although this sub is dedicated to him and his network, Censored.TV, it’s not directly related to the Proud Boys. For information on the Proud Boys, please visit their website at

Reach Out to the Boys!
A handful of the Proud Boys were unjustly convicted for defending themselves too well against ANTIFA. Please send them a letter, or some memes, or whatever else you want to help them get through their unheard of 4-year sentences.

        John Kinsman

        DIN# 19R2090

        Bare Hill Correctional Facility

        Box #20

        Malone, NY 12953-0020

        Maxwell Hare

        DIN# 19R2088

        Gouverneur Correctional Facility

        112 Scotch Settlement Road

        Gouverneur NY 13642

        PO Box 370

        Jacksonville Correctional

        Thomas Christensen


        2268 East Morton Ave.

        Jacksonville, IL 63650

What happened to /r/censoredTV?

Our previous home at that old website was banned. We have tried to migrate the community and fanbase of the show here instead. If you know of people who were lost in the move, please invite them here!